"Insufficient memory", though there is 12gb on the phone memory

Hello world
I got a problem: there is no installing anymore apps, though I seem to have 12go available on my phone, and a few mo on the sd card memory: “Not enough space”.
I set the default installing setting to the phone memory, but it does not change a thing.
I got a FP1 under 4.2.2 android, with a 3.4.5 core.
Thanks for your help! :confused:

a few Mo on the SDcard seems very small: maybe, even when installing in the phone memory, the app tries to also create a preferences folder in the card and fails?
Can you try installing in the phone without any SD card at all?

Do you have a ‘first batch’ FP? If so, have you upgraded your OS to the ‘unified partition’ version? If not you’ll only have 1 GB free for installing apps (although the phone will use the remaining 12 GB for storing data).

The storage layout (old and new, i.e. 1st and 2nd batch) is explained here:

And here is the information on how to upgrade to unified partition:

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Hello again!
Problem solved ^^
It seems like it was indeed about the partition ^^ I had no clue I had to change it from the default settings…
Thanks to you two for your help :slight_smile:

Glad you got this sorted.

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I am not such an expert as many others discussing already here…
I have a very simple problem with my FP1:
I own it since Jan 2014. And I use it for quite “normal” things and apps. And no games.
Anyway: The RAM of 1 GB is now used by apps (630MB, the main part of most of them is in the “phone storage”, not in this RAM) and cash (20MB only). So, 170 MB are free only.
Consequence: It is impossible now to add more apps and (even worse) to update existing apps. If I do this “not enough memory available” is responded…
Well, this is caused by two facts:
1.: The not so good memory management of Android 4.2
2.: The limited RAM (1 GB)
The second fact is given by the not upgradeable hardware of the FP1.
The first one can be eliminated if the FP1 could be upgraded to Android 4.4
But this will be not the case in the nearer (= 1 - 2 years) future.

So: If I want to have a usable smartphone NOW I have to get rid of the FP and buy something like an Acer Liquid Z500 (which is significantly cheaper than a FP…)

So, here my offer:
Is anyone here willing to buy my FP1 for a fair price?
Or have I to put it to the waste … which is not very appropriate for our environment…

As soon as I am at my desktop, I will move this post, AS it does not fit here.

@Hans_Peter_Korn: sad to hear, you are having a bad experience with your FP. Did you consider installing the unified storage upgrade?

Interesting … I did all updates recommended by FP … but never I was informed about this special storage management upgrade …
Why was it not mentioned?

Hi @Hans_Peter_Korn,
the storage upgrade was introduced with Fairphone OS update 1.6
If you are on this version, follow this guide on how to upgrade.
At the moment I’m not sure if you can still upgrade the storage from version 1.8

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No, the unified storage upgrade only works on Fairphone OS 1.6