Install iodeOS on newest security patch fp5


i have unlock my bootloader on my fp5 …updatet to the newest build with security patch
5.january…any problems to install iode with the graphical installer??? security patch iodeos??

You should check the security update date of iodéOS you want to install.

I never used the easy installer so be careful when it locks the bootloader at the end.

This is an eOS guide but you should expand and read the read warning box about this.

It is basically the same for iodéOS.

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what do you think ,should i flash eOS??? or wait for Calyx or lineage…

I personally like iodéOS more than eOS (because of the possibility to uninstall pre-installed apps for example). I just referenced the eOS guide as the point related to your initial question is explained quite good there.

If CalyxOS would be available I would probably go for it but idk how long it will take. They are working on it.
You can check or follow: ✏ CalyxOS for Fairphone 5

At the end I cannot choose for you. It is always about personal preferences. I run iodéOS without gapps and rooted on my FP5 right now.


can you tell me from last iode build the date of security patch…

Right now ( iodéOS 4.9 ):
Vendor Security patch level: December 5, 2023
Android Security update: January 5, 2024


Thanks mr
i would flash with my linux manjaro laptop…
the command to flash iodeos…the same as eos???

chmod +x && ./

Did you read Iode’s instructions?




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Also potentially interesting for you:

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Thanks— im waiting for a new build of iodeOS…some user have destroyed their fp5…
I’m afraid I’m still waiting

The post linked by Smojo is mine.

I did not destroy my phone – i works better than ever.
You can PM me if you have any questions.

If you plan to lock your bootloader, this is the right decision.

The current latest iodéOS build has an older Security Patch level (05.12.2023) than your origin (FPOS - 05.01.2024), so the anti-roll back protection will trigger (when you lock your bootloader), and you will most probably brick your phone.

If you don’t want to lock the bootloader, you can just install it.


iode-4.9-20240130 has the January security patch, as evidenced by the system/build.prop file:

I was also able to relock coming from Fairphone OS TT45.
edit: Funnily, the vbmeta partition shows:

Prop: -> '2023-12-05'

I just explained what I see within the OS when this update is installed:

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Ah, so that is the way it is displayed in the OS. – thanks for the screenshot. I don’t have iodé installed at the moment. However, what is checked according to Android’s docs is the rollback index, and that is the same: vbmeta at location 0 has 0, vbmeta_system at location 2 has 1704412800.

In fact, installing the old Fairphone OS TT40 over the current iodé would not have worked, as that has a vbmeta_system (location 2) rollback index of 1701734400.

You can find this out by running avbtool or avbroot on the vbmeta.img and vbmeta_system.img files.

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i have flashed on latest original Fairphone Build the iodeOS without problems…


Ok, thanks for the deeper dive into this.

But still confusing ^^, so looks like vbmeta partition is actually the one, which is used to show “Vendor security patch level” within the OS? While it still could be that the build.version.security_patch is newer and so locking the bootloader will still be possible :thinking: :man_shrugging: (just to double check: @x2u - you also locked the bootloader?)