✏ CalyxOS for Fairphone 5

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Does CalyxOS support the FP5?



First time the Calyx Institute officially announced that at 28th of September 2023
→ see Fairphone 5 will be supported

A big thanks to Fairphone for providing development FP5 devices to the CalyxOS team.

As of 05.03.2024 it was officially supported, but the first provided builds were marked as beta:
Fairphone 5, March update progress

When was the first stable version available?

First stable was released at 30. April 2024 - Version 5.6.3 (April 2024 Feature update )
FP5 Release Date was 30. August 2023

even more Details/History

How to Install?

See CalyxOS docs: Install on Fairphone 5

To be/stay as up to date as possible watch:

Calyx Site Infos:

Within the Fairphone Forum:


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I think I will keep the first entry as a wiki and update with some infos and links to other realted threads etc. …

So moving my first post into this message and people can discuss below.

First question is: When will CalyxOS be available for the FP5?

→ split from FP4 Thread:

Does anyone have any more detailed knowledge of Calyx Institutes Plans (do they really wanna offer CalyxOS for the FP5?) and/or even better a timeline? - we probably should open a new Thread then.

Yesterday in the Matrix Channel a dev replied to a question how long it will take to make CalyxOS available for the FP5 - an added to that question - “1-2 months be a good guess, 3-4? more?”

hopefully not that long
but I can’t say for certain just yet, give us some more time.
Will keep posting updates here and on CalyxOS News


from CalyxOS testers Matrix channel


also: Fairphone 5 will be supported

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Good to read that Fairphone did provide development devices to the CalyxOS team. :slight_smile:




It looks like CalyxOS support is very close, as per Android 14 for everyone


    At the finalization stage
    Making release builds, will do final testing and release very soon

It will be Android 14 from the get go too!


Here we go! :tada:


CalyxOS for the Fairphone 5 is now available as Beta:


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Btw, there’s an issue which seems to affect some, but not all, providers:

It works fine for me using a WEtell SIM (Vodafone Germany), but some providers seem affected by this issue…

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finally! Guess it’s time to get an FP5 now …

I have flashed CalyxOS on my Fairphone 5 best image!!!
Its beta …all is working fine :-))))
Great battery life…flashed via Sideload from Lineage image…


I’ve flashed it on my FP5 as well, one issue occured (mentioned in Fairphone 4: eSIM not working (Can't disable carrier) (#2127) · Issues · CalyxOS / calyxos · GitLab) but updating sim-manager from (https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/esim-manager/esim-manager-d-2-1-577693163-gms-release/) fixed it (wonderful people on CalyxOS Matrix channel helped me with that :two_hearts:). Other that that works wonderfully, will see in couple of days how stable and performant it is :slight_smile:


I updated to “AP1A.240305.019.A1.24505012” yesterday now Bluetooth audio doesn’t work anymore :frowning:


@ThorStone this is the English discussion/thread about CalyxOS.

Regarding the move from iodéOS to CalyxOS:
@tretkowski did that afaiu.
I plan the same (on iodéOS as well right now - works ok so far, except some soft reboots now and then), but will give CalyxOS some time to get stable.

Do you have more specific questions about that move?

I was using CalyxOS in the Pixel4 and now iode on the FP5. Do you habe and thoughts about changing back to Calyx from iode? I am considering this change now Calyx is available again.

Moved it here thanks for the hint

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Known issue and one of the reasons why 5.5.1 will not make it into stable.

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