✏ CalyxOS for Fairphone 5

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Will CalyxOS support the FP5?

YES - The Calyx Institute officially announced that at 28th of September 2023
→ see Fairphone 5 will be supported

A big thanks to Fairphone for providing development FP5 devices to the CalyxOS team.


No officially announced date yet. Not for test builds nor for a stable release.
It will take “some time” due to the general switch to Android 14 (for all Calyx Devices).

For now it is recommended to go on watching

From Calyx Site:

Within the Fairphone Forum:


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I think I will keep the first entry as a wiki and update with some infos and links to other realted threads etc. …

So moving my first post into this message and people can discuss below.

First question is: When will CalyxOS be available for the FP5?

→ split from FP4 Thread:

Does anyone have any more detailed knowledge of Calyx Institutes Plans (do they really wanna offer CalyxOS for the FP5?) and/or even better a timeline? - we probably should open a new Thread then.

Yesterday in the Matrix Channel a dev replied to a question how long it will take to make CalyxOS available for the FP5 - an added to that question - “1-2 months be a good guess, 3-4? more?”

hopefully not that long
but I can’t say for certain just yet, give us some more time.
Will keep posting updates here and on CalyxOS News


from CalyxOS testers Matrix channel


also: Fairphone 5 will be supported

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Good to read that Fairphone did provide development devices to the CalyxOS team. :slight_smile: