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How can I install Google Apps on my Fairphone 1? When I click on “Installieren Sie die Google Apps” (install Google Apps) widget, I have accept the licence. I do so and the widget starts downloading. But after a few seconds, the download is cancled without any error message. I have tried it already multiple times.

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Clear Data of the Updater app (Settings > Apps > All Apps > (Fairphone) Updater) and try again. Possibly the file was not downloaded correctly.

Hi Stefan! I have tried it. Unfortunately it doesn’t fix the problem. I have noticed that there is also a message about problem 1004. But it is shown just for a second.

Maybe this helps you to find the cause of the problem:

Fairphone does use Google Cloud!? My mother doesn’t have any Google account. Do I have to create any for her? Where do I have to add these account data on her Fairphone?

Why would you want to install Google Apps if your mother doesn’t have a Google account?

I can create one for her. This is no problem. I’m trying to install Google Apps to have the Google Play Store. I know that I need a Google accout for using it.

I have not understand how the link to Google Cloud Connect could help for installing Google Apps. I’m not trying to login to Google Cloud Connect as I can’t install Google Apps at all. Does Fairphone’s Google App Installer use Google Cloud Connect for installing Google Apps? Where can I store Google account data on the phone if it is requireduing for the installing process.

I don’t know, I don’t have Google Apps installed (I’m #livingwogoogle ). The link was just a reference to a Google article where error 1004 is mentioned. Maybe you find more info on this error online.

If access to the Play Store is the only reason your mother needs G%§$e, then you may consider the Yalp Store instead. You can get all free Apps from there and don’t need all the GAPPS that just use up storage, CPU and battery.

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She needs only one app: GMX Mail App (from a German mail provider). I’m afraid that this app is only in the Play Store available. Unfortunately GMX Freemail doesn’t support IMAP.

By the way: Does her Fairphone receive security bug fixes without having Play Store?

Is the app K-9 Mail an option? You can get this mail app in F-droid repository.

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The Yalp Store gets the apps from the Play Store (Yalp is plaY backwords), so if it doesn’t cost anything you can get it from the Yalp Store.

Security Fixes come with OS updates, so they don’t depend on G%§$e.

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Firstly, thank you very much for your advice and tips!

Unfortunately GMX Mail App isn’t available in other app stores than
Google’s Play Store. After spending too much time on it during our short
Easter Holidays, we have decided to give up. GMX Freemail supports only
with their own GMX Mail App. There is no support for IMAP. Now my mother
uses the browser for reading and writing e-mails. It isn’t comfortable, but

I’m disappointed that Fairphone offers a Google Apps installer that doesn’t
work and there is no solution for it.

The easiest solution would be to make a hard reset, but that would delete all data. If that’s no problem, I’m sure Google installer would work afterwards.

Did you consider trying the alternatives (Yalpstore for accessing the Play Store / K-9 Mail for IMAP support)?

PS: Maybe Fairphone has indeed a solution for your problem. You would have to contact them via support.

After a total reset of my fp1 I can’ install google devices. The download is rejected. I just get the hint, that the Download failed by “reason of 1004”.

Here is some more info, maybe it helps to solve your issue:

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