Instagram upload problems

I’m new to Instagram and have been uploading pictures happily, but when I tried to upload video, either via a speed up video app or straight from my phone it wouldn’t work. I wondered if anyone else has had this issue, whether I can use a different app for video or something?
I did ask on the Instagram help page but no reply there…

I filed this topic from the Software into the Help category because it is not about software maintained by Fairphone.

Hello, about 50% of the time when I am uploading photos (not just videos) to Instagram, my phone freezes and I often have to take the battery out and start again. Is anyone else having this problem?
Thanks, Tessa

I moved your post here and renamed the topic. I guess it’s a problem with Instagram.

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OK thanks Paul. I guess I just have to live with it…

I have both of those problems with my Fairphone… video uploads fail, photo uploads cause the phone to freeze the first time around, after a battery removal it usually works

Your symptoms sound like the following: There is some app/service running in the background, which interferes with the upload. When you restart the phone, the upload works because the app/service blocking it, doesn’t run yet.

Try to upload a photo before and after you start other apps, to find out, which one is causing the problems.

I can’t upload video on Instagram any more. I get the message in the attached image (that is: upload failure).

I tried reboot, cache wipe, app uninstall/reinstall, without success.
Any suggestion?

HI! I have the same problem, but constantly. I always restart my fairphone when I want to upload a pic on instagram (which is already really inconvenient because it takes almost 5 minutes for the phone to be “ready”) and close all the other open app, I even installed a a"Task Manager" to boost it, but even when I restart, I have to be very lucky for my picture to be uploaded, and still don’t know what is the reason for this freezing and crashing…? Would be very thankful for any help!

I’m also having this issue - I had a look on an Instagram forum ( ) from a couple of fixes involving camera resolutions etc the post seemed to suggest that the issue could be that your phone’s OS doesn’t support Open GL ES 2 which is what is needed to apply filters - does anyone know if this is an app/OS compatibility issue for Fairphone users?

Since a couple of weeks I am experiencing a heavy problem with the Instagram app only. After editing pictures and continuing to the post picture screen the phone gets stuck in the loading proces:

  1. Sometimes it recovers and I can post the picture

  2. Often it just freezes completely and I have to remove the battery and insert it again because restarting with pressing the power button for a long time won’t work either!

  3. Sometimes I just land on the Instagram feed screen again.

I suspect this has something to do with memory management. After restarting the phone it’s unlikely that I run into this problem. If the phone has been going for a while, it is more likely.

The phone had been factory wiped since than, the problem still persists. I see this problem with Fairphone rather than Instagram, even though I just experience it on this particular app.

I tried to do some debugging with adb when the crash happens but I failed to retrieve any useful logs.

Any ideas what I can do here to proceed?

I moved your post to this topic because it already deals with this issue. Please search the forum next time before posting.

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I’ve still got this problem, I’ve not ever been able to upload video to instagram. I think the Fairphone OS doesn’t support whatever videos need to upload. I’d still rather have a fairphone than post video to instagram but if there are other alternatives when I next need a new phone, ones that don’t need google play uninstalling and reinstalling every couple of months, I’ll go for them. Does anyone know if Fairphone 2 has these issues?

Fairphone 2 comes with Google Apps preinstalled, so they don’t have to be reinstalled after a system update. As for the Instagram upload issues, I highly doubt that a recent phone like the FP2 will have troubles with that, but since the final prototype hasn’t been shown in public, the community can’t provide an answer to that. First chance to play around with the final prototype is in London on 26th+27th Sept..

Is there still no solution for this issue? I am completely unable to upload any photos. After 5-6 times of restarting the phone I give up. And I land on the home screen on instagram too. Please find a solution to this!

I’ve still not got a solution to uploading videos although I’ve tried differnt things inlcuding turning phone off and on, still not working on my phone. Looks like a few people have had issues but Instagram haven’t replied to me and Fairphone don’t think it’s a problem from their side so I don’t think it’s going to get resolved for Fairphone 1 unfortunately.

Well that sucks. One reason for me to choose another phone.

Have you tested it with the lastest application version? I understand that you are upset, but maybe, before you trash/sell it or buy a new one, try to install (with some help and don’t forget to backup your data!) the unofficial 4.4.4 ROM build and check if your problems are caused by the older Android version.

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