Incorrect path to memory

Hi all,

I’ve been searching but can’t find the problem I have elsewhere. If this issue has been raised, kindly point me the right direction!

  1. I can’t read any SD card anymore. I thought it was a hardware problem, as it happened right after a 25-days bicycle trip where the phone was attached to the handlebar and suffered heavy vibrations for long periods of time.
    However, I sometimes get a “wrong path to memory” message (“mauvais chemin vers la mémoire”, it’s in French and comes out of the blue every once in a while). I don’t know if this means the SD card or the internal memory, because (see 2)

  2. I can’t install apps or download attachments or take pictures, even though I can still read my emails and receive texts, including in Whatsapp, Messenger and Telegram. There’s 20Go available and empty on the internal memory.

  3. the Fairphone Updater App doesn’t work anymore, probably unrelated (keeps crashing)

steps taken :

  • I’ve updated the OS (Android 7.1.2) manually
  • I’ve tried different SD cards to no success
  • my SD card might be corrupted, I can’t read it on my Mac even with an external reader

questions :

  • do you know any other steps I could take to troubleshoot ?
  • How do I install apps on the internal memory again ? A few ones were on the SD card.
  • is this solvable ?

Many thanks for your time !

If you have backed up your data you could try if a factory reset helps to solve your problems.


This really sounds like your SD card has a damaged filesystem or is actually broken. I have no experience with Mac however, so I can not suggest anything for recovering on that system.

Did you try a different card? That way you could see if it is a problem with the card or with the phone.

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