Incoming calls are cut off

This is a new problem of 1 week. When someone calls me, if the screen was at rest/black the caller is cut off when I open the screen. Ive tried swiping from the top of the black screen as suggested on the forum but nothing happens.
I need my phone as district nurse to receive important calls about urgent health care. Ive used my own phone as the NHS supply is too basic.

I’ve tried submitting a help request to Fairphone but the form won’t submit and the customer helpline number does not respond either.

So lots of problems… I’ve tried hard to resolve this but I’m a middle aged women and not a IT wizard.

Hello and welcome
There is a setting for the power button to cut off the connection. If the phone screen is off and you are trying to wake it up using the power button, this is what might be happening.
Could you try toggling this off?

I am on FP OS, FP 5.

I am not sure why you could not submit a request or reach the company via phone, could you please explain a bit more?

Good luck!

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I’ve sorted this into the Help - Fairphone 3 category based on your profile, please correct us if this is wrong.

Which OS version are you using currently? Please see Settings - About phone - Build number for this.

I’m not using Fairphone OS at the moment, so for what it’s worth on my phone the setting @Meaghan refers to is simply called “End call”, and I found it by searching the Settings (there’s a search input field at the top of the Settings) for “button” and then browsing through some power button settings in the search results.

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The form seems to have issues at the moment, but …

But it would be the NHS’s problem to fix if the phone wouldn’t work correctly.

I assume there’s a written policy in place to allow you to bring your own device (BYOD). Otherwise, if an issue on your private device hampered important work functions like this, this could mean trouble (apart from the technical issue at hand).