Incoming call leaves screen black and

pressing power button disconnects call but cleaning the proximity sensor doesn’t help neither does giving permission for phone or all apps

Have you already recalibrated the proximity sensor in settings > maintenance?

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Yes sir, it said I had done that successfully

Okay so when exactly is the screen black? After you picked up or can’t you even pick up?
Is it different if your screen is awake while you’re being called?

PS: Depending on your OS you might want to check for notification permissions in Settings > Sound & Notifications along with the general permissions settings.

When the phone is ‘asleep’ I can hear a call but can’t access it.

If the phone is awake everything works as it should

Did you make sure the phone app has permission to display notifications on the lockscreen?

Thanks Paula, Cant find specific wording to display on lock screen but all permissions are as generous as I can make them. Terry

What Operating System are you using?

Android 6.0.1 it says

So I’m guessing standard Fairphone OS with GAPPS?

There the most likely places to find the correct settings would be:

  • Settings > Sound and notification > App Notifications > Phone
    • Block all off
    • Treat as priority on
    • Allow peeking on
  • Settings > Sound and notification > When device is locked > Show all notifications

Pretty much but no mention of lock screen only Treat as Priority and Allow Peeking …

Also it seems to be phone specific rather than app specific (as two Gapps do exactlyt the same) …

Hm. I’d try #dic:safemode next. If the issue exists there too, then it really seems to be an issue with your phone.

Thanks but I can’t find what that means and fear you might be right about the phone, it has been crashing recently and the log says 276 crash reports generated, is that very bad?

The blue words above are a link taking you to an explanation.

Oh the explanation header needed to be clicked to read it.
In safe mode most of my apps are disabled and antivirus AVG keeps reporting it has stopped but I can’t get it to report or close. Is this getting too weird?

OK is was AVG playing up, I unistalled it and the phone now works. can probably live without it but It was paid for which rankles. Thanks for prviding a patient ear and some useful suggestions, FP reputation intact. Terry

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Glad it works now. :slight_smile:
FIY: Most forum users here agree that antivirus apps on an Android phone are useless and basically just bloatware.

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Which reminds me …


Maybe so and I tend to agree about this but ‘most people’ believe lots of things that aren’t true. Thanks