Incoming call does not show up while I have an active call

When I have an ongoing call and a new call comes in then this call does not show up and is also not listed as missed call. Both is really problematic, especially when people call you multiple times and you “react” this way. (they hear a few peeps and then the line is cut like when you reject the call)

I tried the default phone app and also the simple phone app from the f-droid store: both show the same problem.

Please note that I have one e-SIM and one physical SIM. And it does not seem to matter if I have an ongoing call with the e-SIM or the physical SIM - the problem exists for both cases.

(security update from 5th December 2021 and build number FP4.FP3R.A.099.20220112 )

Hello and welcome to the forum. When you navigate to Phone → [three dots] → Settings → Calling accounts → [your operator] → GSM call settings → Additional settings, is the Call waiting option enabled?


Thank you for your fast response.

Yes, this settings is enabled for both operators(/SIMs).

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Can you reproduce the issue consistently? Maybe someone else can then test the same issue. If that has the same result, then we have another issue for FP.

In that case I would suggest that you #contactsupport. I actually don’t know if it’s also broken on my phone as I don’t call very often (two incoming calls are pretty rare for me), but I’ll try to test it tomorrow.


Is the status confirmed when dailing *#43#?

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Okay, I managed to test it just now using my wife’s phone and my old phone with a second SIM. It notifies me about the second call and overall works without any problem.

Did you try to restart the phone, reinsert the SIM, and clear the cache of the phone app? But if none of this works, I don’t know. It will be best to wait for the reponse from support. As a last resort, you can try factory reset (which you would have to do anyway before sending the phone for repair).

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Hm, strange. It says: Call waiting. Service has been disabled. Will restart.

Maybe disable the waiting call function and see what happens? Or your provider does not support (not sure if this is possible)

Now it got very weird. I called with phone A to my fairphone, then in parallel phone B called my fairphone but as before I wasn’t notified while the call. I then stopped the outgoing call from B. And after a few seconds I stopped the call from A and also from my fairphone.

Then out of nowhere a call from phone B came to my fairphone (although my call has stopped for about a minute!). I accepted the call, but only silence :slight_smile:

Not sure about the waiting call function. Whenever I visit this setting it is very shortly disabled, a screen pops up and unreadable fast closes, then the waiting call function is enabled.

You can enable as well by calling *43# and disable by calling #43#

Just another question: the second call is coming in on the same SIM used for the call? I think when you use 1 SIM for a call and the call comes in on the second SIM it will never work.

My previous phone did this and I’m pretty sure FP4 can handle it but something is wrong.

Did you try to restart the phone, reinsert the SIM, and clear the cache of the phone app?

I did this now but without success so far :confused: … I created a support ticket.

You can enable as well by calling *43# and disable by calling #43#

It now says that it is enabled for both SIM cards.

Now the eSIM stopped working and I can only make outboind calls (but not receiving calls). Really ugly…