Incoming and outcoming calls not going through

Hey Crew,

I purchased my FF3 shortly after release and have been having some issues when making and receiving phone calls. Occasionally when I make a call there is no ring tone and when the call is answered I am unable to hear anything from the other line and the caller can not hear me. The same issue happens when someone tries to ring me (I answer and I cant hear anything and the caller cant hear me).

It seems to be happening more frequently (almost consistently with every incoming and out going call). The only solution I have at the moment is to reset my phone and then make the call and it goes through - however its frustrating to have to do this for each call.

Has anyone had any similar problems and solutions?

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Welcome to the forum!

I only had issues similar, but not too frequent, when using the headphone jack, which I used a lot (my phone is 80% podcast player and 20% phone :slight_smile: ). I figured out, that this messes with the internal audio of the FP3 and can only be cured by rebooting. After buying some bluetooth equipment though that is not an issue anymore.

Not sure if related to your problem, though, could well be you’ll need to contact Fairphone support:


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Oh, and maybe you’ve seen those, but there’s quite a number of people in the forum reporting about audio issues, too, e.g. this thread here:

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Thanks Sebastian!! I just read through this thread. Looks like the isn’t a solution for this issue just yet. Such a shame as the idea of the fairphone is awesome!!!

I may look into requesting a refund. Its frustrating that the phone is unable to perform the basic and core function of a cellphone.

Thanks for you your help! Will look to rejoin the fairphone bandwagon once they sort this issue :slight_smile:

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Go to network settings and choose advanced preferences. Then switch off the advanced LTE 4g mode. Is it now working ?


I think the exact name is “enhanced 4G LTE”, isn’t it? (I’m being picky, sorry :wink:)


I tried to translate form French :joy:


Thanks team!!

Will give that a go and see how I get on.

Fingers crossed!!!