In/out calls not working

Dear all,

I am using the FP2, with up-to-date Android 7.1.2.

Since a few months, maybe since a system update (but I’m not sure of it), I experience problems with phone calls :

  • I cannot receive any call : callers are directed toward my voice mailbox without any ring on my phone ; I’m just aware of such a call through receiving the operator SMS telling me about the missed call.
  • I cannot phone anyone, any number, even my mailbox : the call app tries to start the call, but without success, although I can see the network changing from 4G to 3G during this operation.

Please note that

  • my phone network is configured for 4G/3G/2G, and mobile data work correctly.
  • I can enable in/out calls through setting the network to 2G only, thus losing the mobile data functionality ; so I currently manage to use the FP2 through changing from one setting to the other and back again.
  • the problem occurs in any place, in France, northern, southern, … , or in London, …
  • I tested my SIM card on another phone : in/out calls were OK, under 4G/3G/2G setting.
  • I tested my FP2 with another SIM card : same problems occur.
  • I only use slot 2 of my FP2 since slot 1 never worked correctly (since the FP2 purchase).

Thanks for your attention!

Is your device still under warranty as concerned that you have accepted this situation without resolution?

Hi, I bought it on Apr. 2017, so I guess it is not under warranty any more.

Do you regularly backup data upon your FP2 as here?

If you have excluded SIM as a problem, you would need to exclude “software issue” upon device which would then point to “hardware issue” upon motherboard SIM holder unfortunately. As price of pre-owned FP2 now falling due to imminent delivery of FP3 I doubt it is viable to consider replacement of motherboard now, especially as device would have to be sent back to Fairphone for repair.

I appreciate that thought of re-installing device firmware maybe outside your comfort zone, but don’t know whether there is a “Fairphone angel” in your part of the world, whom could help you out:

thank you aspergerguy for your answer.

I guess I could perform the data backup and system restore ; I’m used to get my personal data to computer through usb ; but I’ve been reluctant to let all stuff go out to google as far as I can avoid it… and actually I doubt the sync services will backup all installed apps, especially those installed through F-Droid, will they ?
I guess the alternative would be the hard way : reinstalling and configuring each app by myself, or is there anything in between ?

If ever the issue came through a system update, how to avoid it to happen again after system restore ? system updates will occur again, won’t they ?

I will also look out the angels community around Paris.

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