In need for a replacement FP2 Coremodule

Our FP2 is deceased and i want to reanimate it with a secondhand codemodule.
FP just let me know that they can’t help me with a replacement from there recycle stock.

Do you have a spare coremodule or a complete FP2 that you want tot offer me for a reasonable price? I would like to reactivate the FP2 and hope to make it live for an other year or two.

Tnx for your help.



I have the same question. So I am as well interested in a working core unit for a f2.


I looking for a core modul with display contact problems.

I have core model with network problems. There are many suggestions in the forum how to clean or change the antena but i did not try any. So mayve the model is easy to fix :slight_smile:

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