FP2 for sale - 40€? (display module not working) - Brno Czechia

I would like to sell my FP2 (2016) - in one piece or for spare parts, because its display stoped working (sometimes its OK, sometimes just colourful dots, sometimes nothing).
Camera module was changed early on (AF was not working), but it is still the old type. Case was changed to Slim Indigo Blue (the original one fell appart, this one has some scratches on it) and recently the microphone module was exchanged (faulty part).
If my diagnostics is right, the problem should be just in the display module and other parts are reusable.
I was thinking it might be worth 40€ + postage (but I am open to offers) . If you are interested I will send you pictures.
I am located in Brno, Czech Republic, but I am open to send through EU.

@Yuri Still looking? :slight_smile:

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Yes i am stil in need for a coremodule.


Do you still have the broken FP2?


Hi Yuri,
yes, it is still available. Are you interested in the whole device?
Kind regards,

I would be interested in the bottom microphone module. Would you sell it separately? Shipping to Vienna.

regards Roman

I’m interested if still available!

Hi Roman,

if Yuri will take only the coremodule, the bottom module is available. I have checked the postal charge and it should be circa 6 €. New bottom module costs 25€ (https://shop.fairphone.com/en/spare-parts/fairphone-2-bottom-module). How much were you thinking we can agree on? Is half of the price for new one OK?

Kind regards,

unfortunatelly you are now third in line. Do you need the whole device, or just part of it? I have people interested in coremodule and bottom module. Let me know.
Thank you!

Nice to see how parts of the phone are individually sold to each one’s need.
I guess waste is the least to remain and there is still the #angelslist from which maybe the one or the other take some more spare parts.
Again modularity scores here. :+1:

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I’m interested in the core modules you say it’s fully functional.
No problem, I realise I’m not first!

Hi Michal,
yes half the price (EUR 12,50 + EUR 6 for shipping is ok for me, if the module is working, but you said so. Paying by PayPal?
Kind regards Roman

Wow what a lot of activity. The whole device would be best for me. Ik think its only the core module that is broken. But i am not sure.

What prize shall we agree on? Is € 40 plus the shipping costs of € 6 o.k.?

Kind regards

40€ for the phone, as I wrote, and where will I ship? I will check the price fo postage.
Kind regards,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your response.
You wil be shipping the phone to the Netherlands (Holland)
Is it o.k. if we we communicate trough e-mail of whatsapp for the details?


Folks, you can send each other direct messages here in the forum. Click at the other’s icon and you should find a “Message” button.

Thanks for the tip. I unfortunately cant find a message button in the different kinds of menus.


Thanks for the tip. Is this the option you ment? I cant find any other option to make a message hidden from others.

He really didn’t have the button yet. i did send Yuri a Message myself right away then, and after that he said the feature is now available to him, too. :slight_smile:

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He didn’t have the button until his user level changed from new to basic user. This level change depends on activity within the forum.