In London next weekend, looking for help with the bottom module

When I make calls, I can only be heard in speakerphone mode. This suggests that the primary microphone is faulty. The troubleshooting guide tells me I should disassemble the bottom module but I don’t feel confident doing that, and there are no other Fairphone users I can turn to where I live (or at least none who have responded to requests for help).

I’m going to be in London next week; is anyone available then to help me? Please don’t just tell me to watch a video.

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I rang the Phone Co-op today, hoping that I could arrange for someone at their head office in Chipping Norton to look at my Fairphone (as they did on a previous occasion). Unfortunately I was told that there is no-one around on a Saturday.

Maybe I’m just not the right kind of person to be an early adopter. :cry:

Hi Louisa,

I just wanted to check, do you mean the bottom module on a FP2 (not an FP3). Your comment about being an early adopted has confused me.

On the FP2 my experience is that this is a very common problem usually caused by stress from the USB connector breaking the microphone connection.

The only way to know is to try a different (working) bottom module. You mentioned London, but where are you based. You may find someone locally who can just swap for 5 minutes then you know whether you need a new module or whether there is another fault.

Hope that helps (and no reference to videos :wink: )

I’m based in Leamington Spa, which is located in the West Midlands between Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon.

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