In-ear-headphones not available?

When I first purchased the Fairphone 3 I received a free set of in-ear-headphones. I wanted to get replacements parts and found that the cable is available, but I didn’t see the product as a whole or at least the actual headphone. Do you know if this is still available?

The “modular earphones” are discontinued. Cannot provide an official announcement, but they have been discontinued for quite a while.


Hi, thanks for the heads up. That’s a bit unfortunate as the quality is overall pretty good and I really don’t want to buy wireless ones. I guess I’ll get the cable while I can and hope for the best…



The cable has ‘standard’ MMCX connectors. So you can get a replacement any time from different manufactures. No need to buy one in advance.

BTW: Are you really talking about the modular InEar headset, and not the pair which was or is delivered in France for example?


Hi, thanks for the tip. It’s good to know I can always find other manufacturers, although I wanted to buy from Fairphone specifically to support them. It’s very unfortunate the direction they are taking with the removal of the jack connector, and now this.

I’m talking about the modular InEar headset, it’s the same that was delivered with the purchase of FP3 during the release promo. It should be the one that matches this picture: Fairphone 3 - Earphones Spare Cable | Fairphone

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