Improve forum legibility (line spacing) with a single CSS rule

I surf the forum a lot and usually write some big tutorials and howtos to help other people, or large post explaining things about how Android works or other techy stuff.

The thing is I usually read those posts afterwards to review them and I end up with eye strain closing the browser. I’m used to work with computers and this kind of things doesn’t happen to me too often.

So what’s the problem?

Line spacing is too tight. Specially combining it with other forum features like link badges, lists, mentions (hey, me! @Roboe ) or inline codes.

And… the solution?

Increase it with a bit of CSS!

body { /* or wathever selector you want */
  line-height: 1.5em; /* relative em unit here is important. You don't want to space a heading like a normal line */

Here you have a comparison:

Link to the topic, BTW


:+1: It really is:


I’ll silently bump up this thread. My eyes are complaining right now.

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Seems like this issue is no longer present since the latest forum makeup, although I don’t know if my request was directly taken into consideration. Anyway, I’ll close the thread now.

For other new legibility issues, go here: