Impossible to reply with text, only voice messages in signal / whatsapp

I am a relative new and unexperience smartphone user. Since a few days I cannot reply with text anymore in the signal app or whatsapp. If I want to reply, the menu for recording voice messages pops up and I don’t see how I can switch to text reply.
After a system update on my fairphone 3 last week, I also lost a lot of my telephone contacts.

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Do yo use a custom keyboard? Could you provide screenshots so that we can understand your problem better?
The icon for voice messages in these apps is separate from the keyboard, does this mean that the keyboard doesn’t even show up?

Was it the update to android 10? In this case you’re not the only one:

If not, which update was it? Are you up-to-date (I suppose you are if you did an update recently)?

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Apparently I disabled Gboard (or was disabled) which I learnt is the keyboard function. After restarting my phone it worked again.
Loss of contacts was indeed the update to Android 10. Thanks for the reference


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