Impossible to open camera

Hi everybody,

I have an issue with a fairphone3.
Up to now everything worked nicely, but for few days, i ve got no image when i start ‘Camera’, for both front and back camera (id 0 and id 1 )
An application message say :“Impossible to open the camera The camera may be used by another application”.
No other application are running at the same time.
I search the web about this kind of issue, but no solution succeed…
Anybody experienced this issue ?

thanks for you help.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

First off power down the phone by holding the power button for ten seconds, this properly switches off.

If this doesn’t help try starting in Safe mode . .

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Thank you for your help.

it makes no difference…

I already try :

booting in safe mode
clearing the cache of the camera application
enabling location permissions
installing other camera application

it does not help.
so i continue to search…
but thank you for your response.


Let’s consider other things

There are two cameras so unlikely a camera fault.

Do you have an SD card and is it formatted as Portable or Internal?

I remember this was already an known issue in this forum:

For now:
Do you have the latest version of your OS installed?
Did you try deleting and reinstalling your camera app?
Did you try another camera app?

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No. there is no SD card inside.

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OS : /e/OS 1.6-20221129

camera app : it’s the default camera app supplied by /e/OS. And therefore I dont know how to delete this app. It’s a fork of OpenCamera.

Another app : yes i tried several camera app, and by the way the qrcode scanner failed as well

Thank you for you help.

Unless you can get some help on the e forum you may want to consider a re-install of the OS or an alternative OS

I have a FP3 with /e/ 1.5 (I didn´t install the update yet) and don´t have this problem.

Would be interesting to know if this is a bug from the update or something else went wrong.
Do you have the problem since the update or did it show up later?

If both cams have the same problem, it´s pretty sure the issue is software related. (front and back cam are in different hardware modules).
In worst case you can make a backup of your apps and private folders and do a factory reset. I know this solution would be a pain in the … :anguished:

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And it will not change anything about the OS, so if really caused by this OS Version a factory reset will not help

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That´s right.
That´s why it would be good to know if he has that problem since the update or not, first.

I have had that recently with my Fairphone 4.
Killing the system’s camera process (kill -9 brought everything back to normal.

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