Impossible to install android 11

Hi all,

I try to follow this topic for install android 11
The fastboot are detected when i accept to install,the windows closed and nothing.
It’s seems the metada partition are missing or something.

Someone have an idea?

Many thanks,

What system is installed and why do you want to install an (old) Android11 version?

/e/os last version, to install ubuntu toutch and for that i need android 11

Not sure which Version you have exactly there was a bug for some time using Windows…

i see tis one,but the script are up to date now,the problem is the phone,i have some issue with the partition,like metada

what i want is, make a roll back for have the same phone as the factory

Which window closes? Which step of the instruction? Did you open a command window and type in the command there? Do you see an error message or does the message disappear with the closing window?
I don’t understand why you have to install a different FPOS version just to install /e/OS.

i launch the bat file,after he aske me if i am sure,and then this windows closed,without error apparently.
For install ubuntu toucth i nedd to install first android 11

You can open a “command” window, change via “cd” command to the directory where the bat file is located and start it from there. Then you’ll find the error message when one appears. This will help to analyze the problem.
Ok, yes, A11 may be needed to install UT…

so,after i laucnch the bat file,i have that no more no less

this windows closed and nothing

So you manually opened a command window, started the batch in this window by typing in its name and after displaying the information from your screenshot the window automatically closed?

i do it,same result
After look in flash_fp4_factory.command,it’s seems they dont’t find the image for flash but not sure

I’ll repeat what I wrote as a reply to your DM:

If you are still trying to install Android 11, some of the older install scripts have an error in them, check if you need to apply the fix to get them working:

And whatever you do, don’t lock your bootloader!!!

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Thanks for your answer,i double check and the script seems good,i will check again.
Thanks for your answer

the script are good.

If the script is fine and there’s no other obvious error, it’s probably fastboot, it’s always fastboot :smirk:

If you have other USB-C cables lying around, try them all and try different USB-ports as well, fastboot can be a bit hard to get properly working sometimes.

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