Impossible to insert VAT in the account

I’m trying to buy a fairphone 5 but there is no way to insert my VAT number in my account (impossible to modify data). I sent a mail to support 10 days ago but no answer. The alternative could be to buy with a guest account, but i’m a little bit afraid because the guest account doesn’t let you track the shipment.
Is there anyone that can help me?
Thank You

You best contact Fairphone via phone.

If a user can help, its probqbly helpful to know your country, because in Germany I would not add my VAT number when ordering things…

Edit: testet and can add a VAT number, so did you test another browser e.g.?

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I’m from Italy and i already contacted support, but not solved yet. Yes, I tried with edge, Firefox and Chrome, with the same results. I can edit my data, but when I Save the changes I get the message "error some information are mandatory "

Might be country related

The situation is the following, when i sign-in for a new account the sistem requires just an email and a password, then when i get in the account i can modify just the name. The fields “company” and “VAT” are gray and not editable.
While if i try to buy a FP using a guest account it let me insert the VAT and the company name, so i theory i have a solution. The concern is that the guest account doesn’t let you have the tracking of the shipment. Did anybody bought using a guest account? Thanks in advance.

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