Impossible to associate an image stored in the phone with a contact

Hello all,

When I try to associate (through the contacts app) a phone contact stored in the phone with an image also stored in the phone, I get a warning saying that no image is stored on the phone, whereas there are some ! Thus I cannot associate any image to a contact…
No problem by associating the contact with a photography directly taken wity the camera (w/o being stored elsewhere in the phone) through the contacts app…

Do you have an idea of what is happenning ? Maybe the contacts app doesn’t search the pictures at the right place ? (but I didn’t change the default images directory)

Note that this worked a while ago. I suspect that the migration to Android 7 made that feature crash. Btw, it was also impossible to remove a photo association done before the Android 7 migration, unless removing and re-adding the contact.

So if you have an idea of what can be wrong, please tell me
Thanks for your help
M. L.

Does it work the other way around - meaning if you go to the gallery app, navigate to the picture and then select “set as”?

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Yes, it works by proceeding like that… :confused:


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