iFixit's Fairphone 3 teardown is up – 10/10

Includes both an x-ray and a teardown of the inside of the modules using a Torx T5 screwdriver (not covered by warranty).

Note that iFixit's FP3 does not include the warning graphic on which screws the owners may and may not unscrew.

Sorry for the poor photo, I quickly had to crop a much larger photo for this:



So they have a Fairphone 3 since April? :wink:

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They actually used a press picture there that Fairphone provided (labeled as a render in the original file).

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That teardown has been covered by (tech-)media instantly:

I added the following list of articles on Fairphone receiving a perfect 10 by iFixIT to the curated list of reviews of the Fairphone 3.
But since it fits this topic, I thought, that someone finding this thread might be interested but not looking for the other thread.

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