IFixIt Fairphone 3 :: Full Disassembly

Apologies if this is a duplicate but I don’t see an obvious link to the IFixIt teardown for the FP3 so here is a link:

To be honest, I do not really see the need for this topic.

Anyway, it should be noted that starting with step 8, the teardown is beyond warranty.

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It may be useful as someone may provide their experiences of doing so.
I note your caveat at step 8 and of course you can delete this topic if you like :slight_smile:

Maybe this fits here:

That topic, like some others, has hundreds of post, too much for my liking. I’d prefer more targeted topics, if that makes sense?

Well, …, there already is this (short) thread from 2019:

Kind of funny, that this was started by @urs_lesse; though it focuses on the 10/10 index for repairability. :wink:


Maybe the two topics can be merged, though I prefer the topic to be in the Guide section and if that makes sense then the title could be modified to note the ‘Disassembly’, which is a word I think more people would search for and the ‘10/10’ isn’t something that would be searched for.

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