Ideas for fair or eco apps?

Do you know any apps to become a “fairer” person? Or maybe, more ecological too?
There is a lot of information on the internet, but it’s not really easy to memorise it all before you go to the supermarket.


  • apps that quickly tell you about brands?
  • apps about eco-friendly stuff tot do in your house?
  • apps to help you buy eco-brands?

Just wondering if such apps exist.

Maybe Barcoo?
Or this APP by the WWF:

on Google Play Barcoo is given as unsupported for my FP and also
WWF-Fischratgeber, probably due to problem with language?

Might be. How unfortunate.
Barcoo actually has an english Version…

Open Source and Encryption
OsmAnd instead of Google Maps for Navigation and Maps
DuckDuckGo instead of Google for searching
TextSecure Privacy Messenger for SMS and messaging
Threema for messaging
K9 Mail email client

Food & Shopping
Vebu for vegetarian and vegan restaurants and toic related issues
Der Nachhaltige Warenkorb for sustainable shopping
Label Online for explainig the standards of different labels
NABU Siegel-Check German label checking tool


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression Threema was not Open Source? At least that’s what a good friend of mine said, and the reason why he’s trusting TextSecure over Threema.


No, you’re right. Threema is neither free nor open source.

Buycott is an app that allows you to sign up for certain values you deem important in a product or company. Scan the barcode of a product and the app will tell you how it matches (or doesn’t) with your values.

It’s available for free in the Google Play store.


Dutch apps:

Boodschapp - scan food for health rating
Questionmark - scan food for sustainability/fair rating
Viswijzer - which eatable fish are endangered and which not?
Talking Dress - sustainable shopping (for clothes)

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Public transport: (“180 cities around the world”) (“mostly in Europe, but also in California, Philadelphia, Sydney […]”)

I also would like to recommend some “hiking” apps but they are unfortunately misused atm.

1 Like seems to be the place for free/libre apps, worth supporting in themselves, because:

But for some reason I can’t find the public transport apps on my f-droid app?

Also, a bit old-fashioned, but why not subscribe to and bookmark it in your web-browser?

There’s also a FreeCycle app out there for free swapping of stuff you no longer want/use.

Where have you got it from?
Got mine directly from (Version 0.66). I’ve also had some other repositories installed but since they’re in the original this can’t be the problem.

Very strange. I also have 0.66 and have both f-droid and f-droid archive enabled - but neither of these apps appear on the list :frowning:

Maybe this app, which I already mentioned in another thread is interesting for you: The Phone Story

I couldn’t find the app FP1-EPO-Autoupdate on F-Droid. Then I discovered that manually updating the Repos did the trick. Go to F-Droid, tab far left below and then tab on “Update Repos”.

I like “Animals’ Liberty - Wer macht’s” by Quimron GmbH. This app lets you know which brands are free of animal testing or which ones have been known for animal cruelty. It’s very informative and easy to use.

“Kosmetik ohne Tierversuche” by works in a similar way.

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Does it work in all countries? The app should know about the major brands in supermarkets all over the world? (I am from Belgium).

Thank you all for your suggestions!


maybe you like aCalendar+ by Tapir Apps as Calendar App. 10% of its price will be donated to protect rainforest in Ecuador and Peru the habitat of the Tapir.


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