Icon improvement on the forum

But apparently I was right:

Right click, “copy image location” reveals:


Slightly better…

I tried to change it, but do not know the specs for this icon and am too busy now to look them up. If you can find them, let me know!


That image is 144x144.

Apparently there is one in 144x144 one in 72x72 and one in 57x57.

I believe all icons of the forum should be the same and the simple blue square will do until someone comes up with a better design.

Super cool would be different icons for forum, support (articles) & (rest of the) website, so there are different symbols for my 3 FP searches:

So far the situation has improved that the ugly icon is gone at least…

I am unable to make the good icon appear.

It will have to wait till next week (small holiday planned here)

If you find any tips on how to achieve this in the meantime, please add them to this topic.


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