I would like to buy an original FairPhone 2 box that the owner does not want

Hi, I was lucky enough to buy an old FairPhone 2. Now I just need an original box (I also don’t have the accessories or a silicone case, I would like these things too).

I don’t care much about the state of the box, as long as the price is fair and the box isn’t too broken.

I live in the EU, in Spain.

Uhm… Why do you need the box? There isn’t anything special about it.
Moreover, there are no

shipped with the FP2 and apart from a separate charger and the new modular headphones there is nothing in the online shop as well…

So what exactly do you need? :thinking:

Let’s just guess, he is a collector/fan and wants the real deal.

By silicone-case, do you mean the original one-piece transparent cover?

I guess, I still have the box. I will check and send you a PM later.
My 2 transparent covers unfortunately ended up in the bin.


Yes, I am a collector (although I will also use the mobile). I bought the FairPhone 2 without box / accessories. I wish I could have the complete box and manuals. What is inside the original box? I bought a new FairPhone 2 a few years ago, but I no longer remember what was included in the box.

On the other hand, I would need something to protect the back of the mobile. In my current mobile (not a FairPhone), I use a silicone case (I don’t like the covers with a lid). Is there a coverless case for the FairPhone 2?

Nothing except the phone and the usual quick start guide and safety-warranty-blabla.

You don’t need a case for an FP2, the back cover already is a case. It also protects the glass of the screen so even when your phone falls on an edge the screen doesn’t break. Trust me, mine has fallen to the ground for at least two dozen times in the last 4 years and it never broke :wink:

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My intention is to have a cover that protects the original cover, haha.

Doesn’t using a cover to protect the cover kind of defeats the purpose of having a Fairphone. Simply consuming more pointless things is definitely exactly what I wouldn’t expect a Fairphone buyer to do.

Aint that a bit harsh on someone trying to protect his/her FP?
And, if - in the end - the second cover prevents the breaking of the cover/phone, it might be sustainable; like the rubber bumper of the FP3 or the standard covers/sleeves from feuerwear and the like.

The original cover was designed to protect the phone, right? So putting a cover on that would not be like putting a bumper on the FP3, but more like putting a bumper on its bumper…

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No, there is absolutely no difference.
The FP3 has a (protective) cover like the FP2.
The bumper is just an add-on, that - interestingly - is not featured on any marketing picture I have seen so far. Just take a look at the Fairphone shop. It is a cover for the cover as well.
As is a screen protector for gorilla glas.

And, as you can see by the following thread, the cover can break. Protecting it therefore is not neccessarily a waste.

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