I tried to connect to my GoPro 9 through Quik app of GoPro, I can't connect

For some reason I could not connect to the camera, when I try it pops up a window with a notification regarding Google smart lock and I can’t go past it. Did any of you had something similar? Maybe it is something basic, and I am missing it. Thanks for your support.

GoPros connect through their own adhoc Wifi network, maybe that clashes with Trusted Places in Google Smart Lock :thinking:
Have you tried (temporarily) disabling Smart Lock? Should be in Settings under Security (or just search in the Settings for it).

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What role does the USB C 2.0 hardware play in this case? Would a USB C 3.0-1-2 handle the connection better?

The GoPro connects over Bluetooth for the initial connection and Wifi for more data intensive tasks like Live Preview / updates etc., I don’t think the OP has it connected via USB.

@Sil86 Have you added a Trusted Bluetooth Device to Smart Lock? Maybe the Bluetooth connection to the GoPro trips up the connection to the other device and that triggers the error? :thinking:

I can connect to my Hero 8 on stock FPOS with Smart Lock disabled just fine.

Thansk for the warmhearted welcome :smiley: :sunny:. I did try, and I failed. Today I tried to do it again, apparently I can’t connect through my google account, but logging in with the email+password worked out well. I do not understand why, hopefully will manage until next time. Once again, thanks for your care.