I sell my FP1U (with a broken screen)

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This is Irune from Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain).
I bought my FP1U in May 2014 and I used it during following 2 years. Unfortunatelly, in August 2016, the screen was broken. So I decided to replace it, but I have been waiting for buying a new one since then and finally I have decided to sell my FP1U, instead of repairing it.
I think that it may works for someone looking for spare parts.

  • Fairphone FP1U
  • Good with broken screen and in its original box. Although the screen is broken, the phone is in good condition. Notice that I used it from May 2014 to August 2016, and has been in the box from August 2016 to now.
  • Bilbao
  • The price: 90€ + posting fees

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