I screwed, stripped and stuck this screw upside-down!

I screwed it… Literally…

I didn’t realized, last time I unmounted my screen and bottom module… I forgot to screw the top left screw of the bottom module: you know, the one which is also fixing the speaker module…

Then I saw I had a spare screw and thought it was to be put in the empty hole I could see in the back of the phone, under the battery, so I screwed it in… And with a bit of strength, to tighten it well, of course.

And with these fragile screw heads, and the fact this one stuck in a hole which is slightly too small for easily removing it…

Now the head is completely stripped and screwed (in both meanings of the word) and I can’t remove it anymore, as you can see below, under the arrow:

Thankfully I can still change the bottom module but it’s now impossible to remove the speaker module, so I hope I won’t need to change it…

Any idea how to remove it? This one will be tricky.

Tip for the next Fairphone, @Rae: put the blue circles around the screw holes back, like on the FP2, please :sweat_smile:
And stronger screws, whose heads don’t get easily stripped, if possible?

EDIT 3: Sorry could you mark on the image where you put the screw, I’m having problems getting with this? Do you mean under the battery as you wrote, in which case it can’t be seen in the image or below the battery and shown?

I thought you meant this one

EDIT 1: Maybe I’m not seeing the problematic screw correctly after checking over my response, and I note you can’t get the speaker out so my idea it could be removed is off ?


I don’t have a little hole in that position, there’s what seems to be a small rivet as in the shiny one below, maybe there was something missing or awry for you to be able to get a screw in there ??

I haven’t dismantled my phone yet so I’m not sure what is going on. Could it be that the whole would have been filled by something being attached from the other side and if so it may be possible to just push it out from the other side.

You can buy a reverse screw tap, I know it is very small, ~ drill ~ tap ~ unscrew anticlockwise. Old school watch makers must have such small equipment.

Hi Amoun,

Yes, thats’ the one you circled in red in your “EDIT 3”, below the battery, sorry for my English :sweat_smile:

@Antoine - of Topic - La vie peut être très simple si vous connaissez les bons outils.

Das Leben kann recht einfach sein, wenn man die richtigen Tools kennt.

Life can be quite simple if you know the right tools.

Your English is fine, it’s just I doubted my understanding when a) I could see a hole and b) if there was then you should be able to push it out from the other side.

I am now wondering if the shiny dots are contacts for points for testing and if so how could you get a screw in there?

So my unedited part starting at Hi was fine, I’ve made EDIT 2 part of the relevant response.

Something like this

For my phone, there is the same picture, that @amoun has posted. No hole to put a screw in.
Judging by the iFixIT teardown picture of step 6 (the right one of the 3), the hole is meant for a screw, that is entered from the other side; for the speaker and the bottom module (see picture of step 7, with the overlapping “screw-noses”).
That would be the reason, you could in fact tighten the screw.
Maybe you can still remove the speaker and the bottom module, as it seems, the “noses” don’t have a thread for the screw, but are just holding the modules in place when the screw is tightend and the screw head is fixing it. If that’s correct, the two modules are no longer fixed as they are meant to be, being held in place by one screw less.

If my guess is right, it could help you remove this screw.
Try to take off the speaker and the bottom module. Remove the other screws and if the stripped screw is just a kind of pin for the nose, then you can take the modules off.
Should that work, the screw should be sticking out a bit, giving you a kind of handle to move it from below.
But I would be really cautious, as damaging the thread of the screw will make it even harder to remove it. And breaking or bending the screw could make it hard to fix the speaker and bottom module again.
To be honest, I have no idea right now, how I would proceed.

I see, you already checked the topic “Help! How Can I Remove Stripped Screws?”; but obviously to no avail.


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