I put my sim card the wrong way round in the slot :(

I was so excited about putting my two sim cards into my freshly arrived fairphone that I didn’t care much and I inserted one sim card the wrong way round in the 2nd slot and pushed a bit, so it entered far and now it’s totally stuck, I don’t know how to get it out of the phone so I could put it the right way…?

I know it’s a bit stupid but I need help!

Could you post a photo oft your “Situation”?

Did you try prying it away with tiny pliers or, even better, with tweezers (kinda like the black one in this picture)?

You can facilitate the procedure by pricking the sim card with a pin tip or a sturdy needle though the small hole in the plastic that covers the slot (there are two holes in different positions for the two sim slots).

[Edit by Moderator: Please be very careful in doing this as applying too much pressure could damage the SIM socket altogether (from my experience on another phone). If you are ever in doubt, contact support for advice.]

If you can’t do it this way, I’m afraid you’ll need to disassemble the phone.
Look on iFixit if there is a guide that can suit your need.



Thank you for your replies!
I actually used a very sharp knife, a tweezer and my earring and after two hours of stressing around this little hole you mentioned I got the sim card out. But was believing of having destroyed the slot because I had to use much pressure - but actually everything works fine now! Just remember NEVER to put your sim card the wrong way in this slot because then it enters further down than if you would put it the right way… :slight_smile:


Glad you sorted this.

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