I need a charged battery in Greater London! (a universal battery charger did the trick)

Sorry, my mistake. My apologies to Abby.

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Sorry, my mistake. [/quote]
Don’t worry! I only found out because I sent her a message and looked in her profile (always assuming my Abby - Abigail theorie is right)
Someone referred to me in another thread and wrote “he / she” - and I thought Ruth as a name was pretty obvious :wink:

I highly recommend asking RC-clubs, Hacker Spaces or photographer clubs for lithium-ion chargers. So one does not have to buy one. Make sure you check the polarity and that you have an intact battery first (not swollen). Over/undercharging and other things (check the SDS) are not good for a lithium-ion batteries’ health, so also make sure you know what voltage it needs to charge!

If you want to know more about the different stages of LiPo charging people can find interesting information here: Power Management in Portable Applications: Charging Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries.

For safety issues you can check different LiPo’s SDS/MSDS. I don’t know any charging specs for the FP1/FP2 batteries only that my FP1 battery was made by Fenghua, has 3.7V (nominal) and 2000 mAh. Maybe the support can tell us? Or someone who can “read” the motherboards charger settings?

Disclamier: Do not charge your battery just because you read my text here. Make your own decision made by reading/thinking. If I would charge my own battery like this, I would stay around/below 4.2V on a device made for charging a lithium-ion battery.

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Hi Ruth and everyone else who has been writing to and about me! Thanks for your comments about my phone and my he/she status- you’re right Ruth! (except Abby isn’t short for anything in my case)
Back onto the phone battery… On my way home this evening I stopped in one of those internet cafe/phone shops and bought a universal battery charger. It’s meant for phone batteries though doesn’t say lithium (but is 4.2V output). It cost £5 and no ‘footprint’, and glad to find it as I’ve been avoiding Amazon since a boycott was launched last year in the UK (they evade/avoid paying tax and treat their employees like dirt) Before I read your post, fp1_wo_sw_updates, I put my battery into the charger and just took it off at 65% which has got me back into my phone! I have a second battery so if this one ends up damaged I’ll still be ok. I’ve got temporary replacement phones so I just need to get everything I need off of the FP and I’ll send it for repair. As far as under or over charging the battery, I might get it up to around 80%…
Thanks again all x


Great! if you post something on the Internet regarding things that can (if everything goes really really wrong) burn/explode you better be extra careful even if this sounds a bit ridiculous. Most charge management controllers are pretty clever these days, even in the cheap chargers. But you never know what you get (until you look inside and lookup the chip) :smile:

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