I need a charged battery in Greater London! (a universal battery charger did the trick)

Hi there, the charger port on my FP1 is knackered and I’m in desperate need to charge the battery so I can backup my data before I send the phone for repair.
I’m in the Kilburn area in NW London but can get around anywhere in greater London (have a Freedom Pass!).
The closer the better in terms of time though…is there anyone who can help?
Many thanks!!

Besides other peole around could help to charge the battery you can also have a call to FP if it is necassary to back up data, or if the will repair it without loosing the data…
Cheers, Robert

Maybe @hackofalltrades can help out in this case too (like here)? :slight_smile:

Hi Robert, thanks for replying - I’ve already spoken to FP it was they who suggested I see if someone could get me charged up here so I can back up the data before sending the phone to them for repair.

I’m around Sunday if that isn’t too late? But am in N15, so not super close. Let me know if you want to pop by…

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Hi Stefan, thanks for that! I’ve written to him, fingers crossed! If anyone out there is closer to Kilburn I’d love to hear from you!!
Cheers all!

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Hi Liam, many thanks, I saw your post after I wrote my last one. Sunday is later than I’d hoped…if no-one else responds by Sunday can I take you up on that? What time were you thinking?
I get around pretty easily on London transport. Are you anywhere near the Haringey Green Lanes overground? I go up there sometimes and it’s accessible from Brondesbury station quite near me.

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Hi all, I posted a few days ago and just asking again if there’s anyone in or around London who would be able to help me by letting me use their phone to charge up my battery. I need to get the info from my calendar off it today if at all possible, getting desperate!
I’ll travel anywhere in or around London. Would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me out.

ps. thinking about it I’ll travel anywhere with reasonable access by train from London up to 2 hours each way…! Cheers again! x

I’m currently in Oxford… but I’m going up north in a minute. Sorry, otherwise I’d have helped you out with this.

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Thanks anyway. Have a good day!

I don’t know what else to do but ask again…is there anyone in or around London who can help me by letting me charge my FP1 battery in their phone so I can retrieve my calendar and notes before sending the phone off to get repaired? The charger port is damaged and my 2 batteries are both dead…
Really desperate to get the calendar off especially. I’m in a local unemployed workers group and do casework for people with benefit problems. I can’t remember all the appointments I’ve made with people and really don’t want to stand them up!
I’d be eternally grateful for any assistance out there!!!
Many thanks xx

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Just an idea.
Maybe you could try one of these Phone-repair-shops (or whatever name they have in London) with one of your batteries and ask them to charge it. They could have a universal charger. Something like this:

Universal LCD Wall Travel Charger for Cell Phone PDA Camera Li-ion Battery with USB Port Black

Unfortunately I cant help you as I live in Belgium.

Good luck.


Many thanks for your suggestion! I have been wondering if such a device existed and assumed it didn’t. I’ll try that while I wait to see if there’s anyone more local who can help me in case the battery charger idea isn’t available here.
Thanks again!

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Hi again, do you happen to know if the one you put photos of will accommodate the FP1 battery? There are so many different ones on ebay and that particular one doesn’t specify but another one does specify that the maximum size of battery is a smaller size than the FP1.
I realise you may not be that familiar with the product or others of its type, just thought I’d ask.
Many thanks


I dont have that charger but I found it on Aliexpress in China and on Amazon.co.uk. There it seems you could have it delivered by tomorrow.


It says the maximum width is 55 mm. As far as I can see the width of my battery is 53 mm.

Good luck.

That’s what I’d try. We don’t want to produce an unnecessary amount of ewaste.
Different solution: Buy it on amazon and charge your battery and afterwards hope they still take it back

And what about the waste, Vinni ?

Transportation, packaging, etc.

Nice solution !

Caught me :speak_no_evil: But still better than buying it and throwing it away

Why should he throw it away. He can use it for charging phone batteries for himself and his friends, even when they have a different brand of phone.

:girl: I thought @scooby is a she (Abby short for Abigail, isn’t it?)

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