Problems with backing up the FP1 using Titanium Backup and Google

Please make sure to back up all the data necessary and not only the obvious ones. Otherwise you’ll be as frustrated as other people in the forum who thought they had backed up everything but in the end missed important app settings, playlists, notes, calanders, contacts, pictures…

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Yeah, as @Vinni said, the pre-installed backup-app doesn’t do its job well. Better read our forum-backup-guide and turn to Titanium Backup!


Didn’t have that link on hand :+1:

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Thanks Vinni and Stefan! I was actually wondering how I was going to backup my calendar and notes. I thought I’d backed up my contacts but several (the most needed ones of course) didn’t make it over to my laptop! I’m hoping Titanium will do it all…
I’ve downloaded it and am trying to follow instructions. I did the USB debugging tick and am trying to do the ‘Unknown Sources’ one but can’t find it!
Any hints?

I don’t own a FP but a quick search in the forum revealed the response:


You need to go to the system settings and tap “security”.

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Thanks Vinni, the reason I couldn’t find it is that the instructions said it was under Applications. I’m not used to using forums so I’ll try to get used to using it…


You’re welcome :smile:

yes indeed, @scooby don’t make the same mistakes I made :cry:

Yes I saw you’ve had great difficulties, my sympathies!!
I’m trying to avoid the same problems but can’t even manage to do anything! I haven’t ever backed up my phone so a real novice. I downloaded Titanium which was recommended on the forum and firstly it looks like the capacity ran out when I tried to back up virtually everything.
Then I went through restoring the important things I really didn’t want to lose, thinking I could sync it with a Google account I downloaded in desperation (not a big google fan). Can’t actually figure out how to do the syncing now…grrrr

@scooby, are you still having troubles?

Hi Stefan,
Sorry I should have posted. I bought one of those phone battery chargers in a internet cafe/phone shop for £5, and have been charging my 2 batteries in turn. I downloaded Titanium and have backed up some things including my notepad but can’t get back into my calendar, it just says ‘loading’ but won’t load. Also not sure about my contacts (I backed them up to other phones and my laptop after importing them all to my SD card but for some reason not all of them came over.
At the moment I’m charging up the batteries and using the phone. If my friend is able to help me back everything up securely I’ll send the phone off to get fixed.

Not a bad temporary solution anyway! Thanks for your enquiry and your help before!

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