I manually partitioned my phone, how can I update now?

Hallo Fairphone community,

I´am really despaired and hope someone can help me.

I have a FP1 (not FP1U, not 2, just FP1). Right now my FP1 is running on 1.0 Caju! I have NO extras like a SD card or other stuff.

Like many others I had the storage problem and I lived with it for a very long time, did nothing about it. Today I tried to fix it and used the xda app (thanks to google), just to realize an hour later that Fairphone had an own updater to deal with the problem. Mea culpa! My fault.

Now when I try to update my FP nothing works. It says something like not enough cache, no matter which update I try (Cherry or Kola Nut).

My wish is to have the latest update together with the unified storage partition.

I tried to solve the problem by myself with all the commands here in the forum, but it seems to me like there are millions of different problems with the FP and I did not find something which worked for me and my problem.

Please help!

I renamed the topic, to make it easier to find for others. There is a solution to your problem, however I’m still searching for it on the forum.

Edit: Here you go. Read carefully. Have you tried this already?

Hallo Stefan,

Thank you very much for your fast help.

I have the feeling that I am very close to a solution, however I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you further questions:

  • The address that you posted links me to “Fairphone OS (multiple
    versions) Find below the recovery file for flashing Fairphone OS back
    on your device. We advise you to back up your data first before
    continuing.” Is this the solution for my manually partitioned phone
    problem or the update of the FP OS or to both?

  • To cut a long story short: which download link below is the right
    link for me? My current FP OS version is “Fairphone Caju 1.0” (I
    looked it up with the FP updater app). But on that side it says “…
    FP1 original partition: … Caju 1.1 (~200MB), Almond 1.0 (~200MB) …”
    so which one is the right link?

Many thanks in advance!

This one should do the trick for you (you can go straight to the latest Fairphone OS):

[quote]Storage Upgrader 1.8.7 * (~200MB)
md5sum: e4f1e43082c6a5142cca3ebc4ed33671[/quote]

However, I’m sure you have done a backup by now, so if it isn’t the correct file, you can just try another one. :slight_smile:

If you manually changed the partition layout then I am afraid that manually updating like Stefan suggests might not help you and that you actually might need to flash your phone to Fairphone’s original binary files.

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Thank you very much indeed for your fast and competent help. Everything worked very fine and all problems are solved!

Thank you for your post but actually everything worked very fine just like Stefan wrote it. For anybody who has the same problem like me: just follow the instructions which Stefan has posted.