I have voice echo in the Signal app which uses fairphone 3

I am having echo issue in all the voice calling apps like signal, Telegram which uses fairphone 3 protocol. what could be done to remove the echo please suggest

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Is it yourself or the person on the other side having the echo [EDIT or you having a conversation with someone with a Fairphone]?
The latter issue has been raised before in, e.g., this topic.

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Both are using Signal App

As @adrienneb says it’s not just a Signal issue, this post of yours may be moved by a moderator to the one mentioned.

Same here on matrix/element and jitsi on a fairphone 3. I think this is a problem since the before-last update, it worked flawlessly before :(.

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Hi @gideon

I’m on the 0077 update using WhatsApp, the echoing is infrequent but fairly often.

I think I’ll try taping over one of the mics and or speakers to see if it’s feedback at my end.

I’m also experiencing this issue. On Fairphone 3+ with latest build 8901.3.A.0084.20210204 and I have rebooted since the update. I thought it only happened on other ROM alternatives other than official.

Might be connected with this (although FP2)?

or (although also FP2)?

The equivalent topic for FP3 is here:


This is now fixed with 3.A.0101.20210420. Very happy I can use my phone for this now.


Congratulations! Based on what I understand from @amoun the issue is “fixed” when using the phone call volume on a low level. However I don’t experience that as a proper fix and hope it can be fixed for all devices for all phone call volumes.

That ‘fix’ was before this update [ 3.A.0101.20210420 ] The issue seems to be absent now.

OK. Yeah I can’t hear the other person I’m talking to when trying to lower my volume to make the echo go away. I feel this needs a proper software update around the microphones.

Sadly this is becoming a rare occurrence as a noted problem, fixed for most of the few complainers since the the last two updates.

I don’t think it’s a Fairphone issue, maybe a network one ~ which network are you using and does it happen with every call you make.

I wonder if it happens only with certain recipients and of course it could be the weather as it can allow a secondary signal to be bounced off of elements in the environment.

Strangely I had it on a normal call, albeit via wifi, yesterday, but I usually use WhatsApp via wifi and can’t recall when I last has an echo.

Are you directing your voice to the top mic?

The echo could be produced as well if the loudspeaker is on, because the microphone might record the voice of the conversation partner, too…


Maybe you or your partner should turn off the loudspeaker (handsfree) profile temporarily and see if it helps…

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