I have to give my wife a present for the anniversary

Hi, my name is Ugo and I live in Italy. Just a year ago I tried to switch to FP2 for ethical reasons and, even if it’s a bit harsh sometimes, I’m glad I made this choice. I found a great salesman (Carlos, thank you) all smooth. Now my wife has her old iPhone 4 that is about to leave us and she asked me many times if I found her a Fp2. October 6th will be our 29th wedding anniversary and I’d like to give Susi a Fp2.
Attention, please: we are no longer very young, my sons live in Turin and the other in Birmingham so nobody can help us: I am looking for a working FP2 and in good condition. Thank you and all for your help and if you come to Venice on October 6th come and celebrate with us!


While I cannot offer any FP2 to you, just two suggestions:

  • There is a volunteer Fairphone Angel (click to find out more) in Padua/Padova – I don’t know if that is near enough to your location, but maybe it’s an option in case a problem ever arises with your own FP2 or your wife’s future Fairphone.
  • And then you might want to wait just a little bit longer to find out what Fairphone will announce … just one week from today.

Thanks for both ideas Urs!

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