I hate my FairPhone 4

I also hate how all items about the FP4 ghost-touch issue are merged into one topic by the moderators. Creating the illusion that it is a minor single topic issue.

Sad that you see it this way but were not going to change that. The reason behind it is to have all information about one issue in one place. Otherwise people would have to search for the one topic out of dozens that has the latest/most relevant information. And besides, there’s always the post count for one topic which IMHO is a lot more easy than counting topics by hand. I think this expresses quite well the importance of an issue.


That’s what the mods are for :slight_smile: Putting everything in one thread is the beauty of a forum. It consolidates all information in one place instead of a fragmented flow of information, like Discord, where you then have to puzzle things together and start discussions from the start over and over. The issue is not minimized by organizing the flow of information. It provides some focus.


I have a f#cking FP4 i paid a lot lot of money for it and is is is just not functioning correctly.
now i have to sent it in again, also i have a LCD screen not functioning witch Fairphone says it is out off warranty. i got a 50 euro discount code witch does not work.

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Just be aware, that you are cursing to fellow users like you, not to the company Fairphone at all.


Why are you defending the piece of sh!t called the FP4?

Maybe English is not your native tongue, but where did I write something like that?


you’ve obviously had a bad experience and we sympathize with that. Maybe you were just unlucky, or maybe ethical and repairable electronics are not for you. Either way, there are other ways to express your frustration about a product and service than bashing a community forum.


WHAT ? i pretend i did not read this :rage:

I am NOT alone, there are many of us. All neatly combined in one single topic by the moderators.

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Well, I had my problems with the FP4, too. But I really cannot say that this forum is not well moderated. As mentioned above, moderators merge several thready together to combine simmilar / same topics.

And isn’t the ghost touch issue one issue? I mean, the solution is clear: install the update (worked for me). And if it still doesn’t work send it in. They will repair it for you. What do you expect more?

And why moving against the forum moderators this way??


I bought myself a new screen witch also so has the ghost touch issue but FP is unwilling to refund/replace (i got a 50€ voucher code instead)
I sent it in for repair, got it back and it still has ghost touches.
So now i have to sent it in again ?
and again
and again
i hate my Fairphone 4

Hm, doesn’t sound good. However:

  • I don’t understand why this is the form moderator’s fault.
  • I don’t know about the laws in your country. I can only say for Germany, where I am located: the manufacturer has the right to try to repair a device twice. If it still does not work, you can give it back and you have to get refunded. So, it’s two “again’s”, not five. :wink:
    I assume you have installed the latest update (B.086). If so, maybe you check with you local consumer laws.

Well, probably I’m a lucky man, cause I have a FP4 (Murena FP4), and I don’t have this issue.
And I like my FP4.

Only one question: 5-years warranty doesn’t include screen?


Quote support:

I am going to buy another phone and send this one in for repair and when it gets back directly sell it. So then its not my problem anymore.

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The thing is, the support doesn’t like to respond to, you know, support messages. Thus I have a fairphone with a broken screen, and of course could pay 70€ or whatever, but I don’t exactly have that much money to “waste”. Also, which update are you talking about? That said, the moderators here do their job well, I mean the forum is really the only place where complaints are “heard”, must not be easy to deal with that. Do they at least get paid? Hope so

And why do you know that you are not alone with this problem? Because all the posts are bundled in one topic and not spread all over the forum.

Also, while there are users who are affected by this problem and I think Fairphone and its support need to improve a lot in communicating with users, I don’t know how widespread this problem is.

Looking at the reviews on Digitec, I could only find two reviews that mentioned ghost touches:

But, of course, this does not mean that this issue is meaningless. I really hope Fairphone can track down the issue for all users still affected after the latest P4.SP2J.B.086 update…


So may be this is not a hardware problem, because some changed the software from Android to Murena or e/OS and they did not have this problem anymore, and not every user of Android has this problem with Ghost Touch. I also did not have it and I am Using also Android.

Ok this Phone is not the same like an Iphone or an Samsung S22, but please remeber this Phone is from a small Company and with a complete different backround and sustainability, The Team in the software and Hardwaredevelopment is not such big like other companys.

Well, as long as Fairphone doesn’t explain the technical problem to us (which they probably do not do, because it’s just too technical) we can only speculate.
My personal speculation is, that it is a mixure between hardware and software. So it could be an issue of how much voltage you give to the touch display in order to work best.
At the models they first had to test it with, they might have set it correctly. But now, after the production of thousands more, it could have turned out that they come out of production slightly different and the best voltage to fit most displays is not the one they had figured out when testing their first models.
This might explain, why some of the models still have the issue and others have just got it by installing the update.
But I am making this up here! I have no idea what the real problem is. This only might have been my first approach if I were a phone technician to find a solution, based on my professional experience in trouble-shoot complicated technical problems in other fields…

I hate this brick as well. There is not a single day since I purchased it, I did not get angry about. Even the shop I bought it says, they do not recomnend it, so my fought, no money back. I think everyday to step hard on it and go to my insurance for refund. NEVER EVER AGAIN A FAIRPHONE!!!

Such a pity you needed a long time to understand it since you had two weeks to bring it back for free.

My comment is not constructive but if you explain what is wrong, maybe we can help you.