I found out what caused my FP2 screen freezes / screen becoming unresponsive

Hi all – better late than never but I am still a bit sorry that I am only writing this now :grimacing:

I was also plagued by the ‘somewhat common’(?) issue of the screen suddenly becoming unresponsive to touch input. The issue would appear either directly at the lock screen or even during using the phone. My original “solution” (which I have also seen people describing here in the forum) used to be to switch off the screen and then bend the phone a bit. That is, hold it at the long ends and push in the middle, either on the screen or on the back. Obviously does not feel great to do this to your phone :confused:

It was always only a temporary fix to take the phone apart and put it back together again. But the last time I did it I figured out what was the issue for my phone:

There is a little metal cover over some electronics next to the contact pads on the back side of the screen unit. The cover is held by and presumably electronically connected to 6 little -whatdoyoucallthem???- “grabber…claw…thingies” – see the pictures. To hold+connect the cover, you simply squeeze it in-between the arms of the grabbers. And in my case these arms were not bent properly anymore and thus did not properly hold and contact the cover. The first 2 pictures show how the cover looked after I took the phone apart. The last picture shows the “spring-contact” of the main unit connecting to the back of the metal cover. Not sure whether that was necessary, but I also bent that one a bit more to make sure it properly connects to the lid when reassembling the phone.

Once I removed the little cover and used the tool shown in the last picture to gently bend the arms such that they would properly grab the cover again, I did not have the issue of the unresponsive screen anymore for several months. I then had to do it one more time and it was now good for almost a year. I have to do it again now (and that’s how I remembered that I forgot to post this potential solution to the forum :/).

Here are some pictures to show what I am talking about:

That’s how it looked after opening (I probably only noticed b/c it was already fully disconnected):

These are the grabbers/connectors I was talking about:

The tool I used to carefully bend the grabbers:

The “counterpart” with the ‘spring-connector’ marked:

I hope this is still of use for anybody :wink:


This is interesting. Did you ever get the screen disturbance (pixelated lines, repeating artifacts) that is often described as a possible result of the badly connecting screen connector?
Or was it just touch input that you had problems with?

I just checked my old fp2 which had both lack of input and screen disturbance. I noticed that the metal shield you mention on the screen unit was lifting up in the opposite corner to where the metal spring connector would press on it.


for me it was only the unresponsive screen.
– so did you manage to improve anything for your phone now?