I don't get updates since December 5th

Hey guys,

I just noticed that my last security path is from December 5, 2019.
Obviously, I tried updating it but it just shows “Your system is up to date”. I looked for topics with similar problems but haven’t found any.
I would do a factory reset but wanted to ask for help first.


Unfortunately this is a problem on Vodafone’s side. Basically Vodafone would need to ok Fairphone updates before releasing them to their (Vodafone’s) customers, but it seems they are way overdue there. See here for the ongoing discussion:


Oof thank you very much. :v::+1:

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Which way can I get around this Vodafone issue?
My son asked me if I could recommend buying a FP3, but I had to tell him: No, I cannot recommend to buy a FP3, the security updates do not work!
Is there a way to get updates by switching to some other provider? Or something else?
br, Basche-Ralf

Other providers work (well, perhaps apart from Orange in France, which had the same situation).
Even old deactivated SIM cards of other providers have been reported to do the trick.


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