I can't update or download apps anymore

I upgraded to the beta Kola Nut, because I had heard it might help in “insufficient storage”-message. But alas, no, I cannot download or upgrade anything. I even got an SD-card recently, so I am beyond 100% sure I have LOTS of space, but no, I can’t change or download apps. Any experience in fixing this, FP-community?

Did you really participate in the beta program or did you do the manual upgrade to 1.8.5?
Either way you should have the option to do a unified storage upgrade now in your updater app, this will solve your insufficient storage problems.

:warning: But do a thorough backup first.

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Alright. I can try and see if I figure that out. I did it manually.

Hi Anna,
Any luck with this? I’m having the same issues.


@Lee_Walker, can you tell us more about your situation?

  • If you open your updater app, does it tell you your current OS version?
  • Which one is it?
  • Do you have a unified storage? (One partition with 13.37GB in settings>storage)

I changed the category from Software to Help. The topic is not about software, but about a specific problem.

Having the same issue after converting to unified storage today.

Fairphone OS 1.8.5
Settings/Storage 13.37 Gb
Available Storage 12.29 Gb

Any ideas, what to check?
Installation of Google Appstore went well. It updated quite a lot of apps and then “not enough memory”

My FP1 is coming from the split memory model without any modifications. Even after deinstalling the 50 MB of Google+, it’s impossible to install any new app.

@paulakreuzer and @Jeug42
The storage update worked.
My phone used to have partitioned storage and that’s where I was having issues but now that I’ve reformatted my phone with the storage upgrade Kola Nut 1.8.5 OS, I can download and update apps no problem. Unified storage seems to be better (I have the 1st version of Fairphone).

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@Jeug42 Two things that I would check:

  • Under settings/storage check whether internal storage is selected as default write disk. Try switching between internal storage and SD card and back if you can.
  • You could also try to wipe the cache partition from recovery (be careful not to accidentally factory reset the entire phone - consider making a backup first). I can’t find a reference right now, but I seem to remember that installing (large-ish) apps that are larger than the remaining free space in the cache partition doesn’t work. When the systems says there is not enough memory, it may just be stuck on a full cache. The cache partition is limited to 452 Mb on a repartitioned FP1. Note that the cache shown under settings/storage does not refer 1:1 to the cache partition and therefore may show more than 452 Mb of usage.