I can't get hold of Customer Support - phoneline is not active and no response to my online request

My Fairphone3+ has totally stopped working and won’t respond to Factory Reset process. I’ve contacted Fairphone via their online contact log system several times but not response yet. Have phone their customer phone line but auto response saying “no advisors available” and then the call ends. Really need to get my phone repaired and i’m starting to feel uneasy that I can’t get hold of any customer support??!!
Can anyone advise how i get hold of them? Has anyone had a similar issues re phoning the customer support line?

Yes there are similar problems, did you search this site first before posting :slight_smile:

When did your phone stop working?

Have you tried support@fairphone.com ?

If you used the website support did you get an email acknowledgement?

Does the phone charge and switch on?

Have you removed the battery and tried again?

You could try to remove the modules and reset them, maybe a contact is loose.

The phone line may not be open as advertised {Our opening hours are 10:00-17:00 }.

If you provide detail of your problem and what you have done to try and resolve it you may find some succinct help here, but your post is a bit short on detail :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for this. Will email them as well, I called throughout the day the day but will try again tomorrow.
It won’t turn on without charger and with charger it turns on and then the screen flashes and vibrates on repeat every few seconds, it won’t stop unless you take the charger out and it doesn’t charge. I tried to do a factory reset as per the help guide but it won’t respond to the buttons when I press them so can’t select recovery mode and just continues to vibrate and screen flash. Have tried with different plugs and chargers. This happened on Sunday and tried yesterday and today but same thing is happening.

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Just tried that email but bounced back-do you mean support@fairphone.com?

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Yes apologies for my spelling, I’ll correct that :blush:

This sounds eerily similar to my dad who managed to get water into his phone and killed his battery. Worked perfectly with another battery. While you should just get support help, I’d suggest trying to swap battery if there is anyone near-ish to you who also has the same model Fairphone whose battery you could try.


And maybe check for water damage or moiture inside the phone, while you are at it.

First step could be to disassemble the phone, clean the contacts and reassemble the modules.
You can find a teardown and more on iFixIT

And - if water really is the problem -, you find a " Your device has just taken a swim. What do you do?" as well.

But since you are still within warranty, you shouldn’t tamper too much with the phone before support gets a hold on it.

On the IFIXIit don’t go past step 7, although you are not likely to just to check the modules

Hi @Grace_Hitchcock,

So sorry to hear that. When you contacted our support team via the online contact form, any chance you received a 6 digit support request number? If so, could you pop me a DM with that number so I can check with the team what the status of your request is?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion. I purchased a Fairphone 3+ at the end of last or start of this year via sky mobile and they had an offer to get free Marley speakers with my new phone.

I have been in touch several times with Fairphone about it as I have not received my free speakers since my phone purchase.

When I click on the DPD link they provided to me it shows parcel clear Dutch customs and that s it. It has been like that since mid February…

Would you give up on them or what would do in my shoes?


Take care


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I wouldn’t give up on them.
I suppose you’re in UK as since brexit it seems that several parcels seem to have had problems traveling to UK… Still I think they shouldn’t get lost! So what did Fairphone tell you about status or next steps?

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I’m not sure of your problem as Fairphone don’t offer free Marley speakers, it would seem your issue is with Sky.

You did get the phone I hope?? Again though if you didn’t it would be down to Sky to sort that too.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I am in the UK. Scotland to be more precise. See the last email I got from customer care service of Fairphone.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately we cannot send out a new parcel, we will have to wait for it to be delivered to you.

We also ship with UPS and DHL, but unfortunately these packages are also stopped at customs in England.
Because of the Brexit it is very difficult to have a parcel delivered in England. We have not opted for this either.

Still: We do our best to deliver the package to you but are dependent on customs and courier services.
The parcel has arrived in England and is waiting for Customs approval.
Due to the Brexit, this unfortunately takes much longer than last year.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Met vriendelijke groet,

Customer Care

Hi Amon,

Thanks for your reply.

I got my new Fairphone 3+ nae bother. One day or two after my order. I assume sky had stock in the UK already.

I contacted SKY about the Marley Speakers and they told me this was a promotion offered by Fairphone, not sky, so they could not really help me.
Please find attached email from Fairphone confirming that I should get Marley Speakers.

Take care


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Thanks for the details.
It’s more or less telling what I’d expected. Still, waiting for three months without any news sounds crazy to me. But I don’t have data to compare.
I assume you’ve ultimately asked FP customer support for an update again?

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Hi, yes I have, yesterday, I ll wait and see what they come back with.
Take care

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Wow! Wish I had seen that offer :slight_smile:

It’s important to note that apparently this can really take months currently after Brexit.
I read this somewhere in connection with a delivery of books. If it’s important I could try to dig through my browser history to unearth the quote.

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Hi @Grace_Hitchcock, I never received your support request number so just wanted to double check if you’ve now been helped by our support team?

@juanito_petit, has your issue already been solved?

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I have been advised that a new parcel order 709661-2 is ready to be shipped via UPS this time but when I go on the UPS website to track it, it is still not moving…only at the labels stage for a nearly 2 weeks now so no, I don’t think my issue has been resolved.

Thanks for checking though, that s nice!

Take care