I can't access my phone anymore

Hi everyone.

I have received my new fairphone 2 the day before yesterday in france. I’m very happy of it, and I’m glad for being part of the adventure.

But I have a little (big) issue since today. I set up a password before to lock the phone. My password worked yesterday but it doesn’t work anymore since this morning. I know my password by heart and it worked before.

So, I can’t access my phone anymore because the password doesn’t work.
I tried several times to reboot the phone by using the “reboot” option (between “tun off” and “airplane mode”), but it doesn’t work at all (the phone keeps the same settings).

Can you help me with this please ? I feel so stupid because of this issue. How can I unlock my phone ?
Thank you.

PS : Sorry for my english.

Are you able to enter the Pass-code but the Phone tells you it’s wrong or does touching the Screen to enter the Numbers not do anything?

Oh and just to be sure: You are not trying to enter the Screen-unlock-PIN when prompted for the SIM-PIN or vice-versa right?


Thank you for the quick answer.

I am able to enter the Pass-code and the phone tells me it’s wrong.

I don’t have a SIM card in my phone yet, so i don’t think the problem comes from there. I dont have to type a Sim code.

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In that case I’ll repeat what I posted in another thread:


Thank you.

Okay, I just locked my phone and changed the password from my computer with Google. I’ll see if I can access my phone again when I’ll get home.

Thank you so much for your help, I’ll tell you if your advice worked.

Have a good day !



It doesn’t work… It set up a new password on Google and when I enter it on the phone, it doesn’t work.

I found it !

For people who want to know how I did to “unlock” my phone (My password didn’t work anymore), I did an extreme option with Google. I erased all data with the android device manager by choosing the option “erase all”. Because of this option, my phone was reboot as if I just bought it. I don’t know if it’s clear.
But careful, this option erase ALL your data : settings, images, musics, contacts and so-on.

How I did :
Google Accout
"android device manager"
"Erase all"
And voilà, my phone is all “new” and unlock.

You can close the topic, thanks.

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