Forgot PIN for lockscreen,tried five time

I forgot my lockscreen PIN and tried it five times. What can I do?
If possible, answer in german language.
Thanks a lot!

Ich nehm an du redest übers FP2 also hab ich deine Frage nach #fairphone2help verschoben.
Wenn das nicht stimmt kannst du es jederzeit auf #fairphone-help ändern.

i don’t know if paulakreuzer answered you, but just in case, 2 options in my knowledge :

  • if you try and fail too much time, you should have an option like “pin code forgot”, and it will allow you to use your gmail password to unlock it

  • go to your computer, go [google play] ( , click on the gear on the top right of the screen, select “android device manager” , you should have a map with an overview of your phone, if the feature is activated by default on your phone ( it’s not the case on all phone), you should be able to click on “lock”, then you will be able to set a new password for your phone, wait 3-5 minutes, then go to your phone and unlock it with the password you set earlier :slightly_smiling:

Thank you very much!

I do not want google to know at all times where I am, so the map does not work and I was not able not find the “lock” option. The german google play looks a little bit different as you described it.
Instead I tried one more time another PIN at the Fairphone and: it worked!
Thanks for your hint, which made my try once more!


Great! :smiley:

For the sake of completeness:

Do you know what happens if you failed to many times but don’t have a google account? I don’t want to try…

I don’t know, and it scares me to try it too ^^

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Ah what the heck. I’ll just try. Worst case I’ll do a hard reset. :wink:

PS: Ok after 5 tries you simply don’t get to try again for 30 second. Nothing else happens. Unfortunately I don’t see any way to unlock your phone if you can’t remember your pin even with a million tries.

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