I cannot send files via Bluetooth

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I have the same problem with my Fairphone 2. I tried to send/recieve files to/from other Android phones, iPhones, Windows computers and a Mac Computer. The only thing that did work was sending files from my Mac computer to my phone, but not the other way around.
Is there any solution to the problem? I know that I can always use an USB cable, but sometimes it’s faster to send a single file to a computer with bluetooth.

I have a similar problem. When I turn on Bluetooth on the FP2 my previously paired units shows up in the list. A recently bought and installed device did not turn up, even though I made several attempts to update the list. No units available. The Bluetooth sign on the screen is fully visible and turns on and off as i turn bluetooth on and off. Trying to connect to my mac, showing up in the list only results in the mac saying " no network connection". I have sent files from my mac with success, but no longer possible. Recently updated firmware. Is that the problem?

had my FP 2 one week. trying to bluetooth-connect FP to Macbook : FP sees Mac Book ; Mcbk sees FP and ‘sends pairing code’. i click on “pair” on FP, get “connected” but after 5seconds mcBk reads “not connected”. unable to transfer photos.
thanks to anyone for some help.

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