Can not send or recieve files with bluetooth

Hello everybody !

I have a problem with my bluetooth : I have paired my phone with my computer (windows 8.1). On my computer, my phone appears to be paired.
But, when I try to send a photo from my phone to my computer, I have a first message “Sending file to…” and then, 1 second after that, a message “Cannot send file to…” (not sure it is the same message in english, I have mine in french)
And when I try to do the same from my computer to my phone, I have the same behaviour.

Does anyone have an idea of the problem ?

Thanks a lot !


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I also have a laptop with Windows 8.1, and indeed often Bluetooth transfers fail.
I don’t think it’s a Fairphone problem though, it happens with my tablet too… In the end I usually use a USB cable for quick and easy transfers.


I have the same problem when trying to send files from my Fairphone with Bluetooth to my iPad. I haven’t any idea how to fix the problem, sorry. But in the meantime: I downloaded Dropbox to both devices…

Yep, I know I can use USB cable instead of bluetooth, but I would like to understand why I can’t use my bluetooth… With my old phone, the bluetooth worked well with my computer, so it comes from the fairphone which, maybe, is not well configured… ?

@Martina The incompatibility of the Apple iProducts with other phones is widely known. Also bluetooth file transfer with iPhones doesn’t work (only between iPhones).

@wyllyjon Did you use your previous phone with Windows 8? Maybe something got messed up between Windows 8 and 8.1?

No Stefan, I can’t see my previous phone, but I don’t remember if I removed it or if I lost it with Windows 8.1…

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