I cannot see emojis on my Fairphone

This is probably not the correct place to ask, but I’ll go ahead anyway :smile:
For as far as I can see, I can’t use/reed emoji on my Fairphone. I was hoping to find any clues on this forum, but as I understand now no-one else has this is problem (or cares about it).

So those of you who can use them, please tell me how!

Much appreciated :smile:

Yeah this topic about the available emojis in the forum is very probably not the best place to ask this. :wink: I moved your post to a new topic! :slight_smile:

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Could you give us a little more details about your problem and maybe do a screenshot of a situation where you’d expect to see an emoji?

I can tell you that I can send emojis in text messages, I can see them in Firefox (e.g. when browsing this forum), can’t you?

I followed the steps described here: http://mashable.com/2014/06/18/emoji-on-android/ and came to the conclusionI can’t use emoji. And I want to be able to use them at f.i. Instagram

Sorry, I didn’t know there is a difference between emojis, emoticons and smileys. Yes it seems like the fairphone can’t read emojis.

haha, okay, thanks for coming to the same conclusion :smile:

But how do use plain emoticons in apps like Instagram? The default Android ones I mean

I’ve installed SwiftKey and that clears up a whole lot of things :smiley:

Still not sure about the emoji thingy, but I think you can lock this thread