I cannot boot - I only get TWRP

Hello ModularKing. Hr CJDOsborn here. I am not so hot with all this ‘#’/Forum stuff, but here goes. Are you still an angel? U R the latest from Kbn area. I live in Rødovre, but I am in the City at the moment (Rådhuset). I have borrowed my daughter’s FP2 and am having some classic startup issues - just getting the TWRP screen. I have tried the usual install/cache steps, without success. I am beginning to think there is NO FP2 update.zip file ! Can U spar? please C :slight_smile:

Please have a look at the first post of the #fairphoneangels topic, section “How to get in touch:wink: .

You wll have to contact copenhagen :slight_smile: fairphone.community

Hello Stefan. I sent Email off to [removed to prevent spam] back in May 2019. No reply.

When I look at CommunityMap, copenhagen does NOT seem to be represented, however much I click/zoom. Yours C.

Thanks for this Email.

I really would like to move forward with this FP2 today -

otherwise, I will have to go out and buy cheap-alternative-replacement. :frowning: C

In the Forum, I found indstruks.:- TWRP -> Install -> cache -> FP2 update zip file -> install

But I got no further than ‘cache’ - No obvious Zip file appeared on the screen. Please advise. C

@ModularKing Do you read us?

@CJDOSBORN you can follow these instructions to install an operating system on your FP2:


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