I bought and Fairphone and since then ......AAAAAAAAARRRRGH

I’ve postposed this post many times. Because I really want to like my FP1 but now I have to let it out. I wouldn’t sell it to my worst foe. In fact, I find it hard to even give to anyone with a straight face.

The problems are too multiple for me to write them all here, but shortly:

  • it’s slooooow. Opening apps is one thing but even normal operation can take time
  • the gps is slow and often not correct. Sometimes it adjusts itself if I shake the phone but not always
  • the camera is terrible
  • even with very modest use the battery can only last a day
  • when I connect FP to the charger it often doesn’t connect and I have to reconnect it several times before it’s start charging. And even then it may not fully recharge. And I need a 100% charged battery or it will NEVER last a day
  • just now (and this was the final straw) I can’t find the function in Google Maps that can guide me to a specific address. Now there might be a simple solution to this (although I can’t find it) but the long story short is that having a FP has been one challenge after another.

I don’t know if I will get bulldozed for not rejoicing in the wonders of FP but I had an iPhone before and as much as I take issues with Apple… it worked.

I wish FP all the best. It’s a wonderful and worthwhile project but a lot needs to happen before I’m coming back.

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that sounds like the usb connection is on the way out. same thing happened to me. it is also the most expensive component to replace. Maybe in a year the fairphone 2 will be road tested and cheap enough so I can upgrade :frowning:

If you do want to sell, there’s people looking for an FP1 here - however I would urge you to be fair and honest about the potentially broken USB connector. Alternatively, offer it for parts so someone can fix their phone.
Otherwise, fairphone have a recycling programme to which you can send your phone for free here.

About the battery performance - have you checked whether the battery may be failing? If it started to swell (and therefore spins on a flat surface, see here) you can get it replaced on warranty. My battery lasts about 3 days with what I call modest use, but our definitions of modest may differ.

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Before you give up you could try the following things:

  • A hard reset may speed up the phone, but you should do a thorough backup first as the reset erases everything.
  • As mentioned some of your problems may be due to a faulty usb connector. The other possibility would be that your battery is bloating. Check the battery guide for the spinning test and the battery firmware reset.
  • If the battery is bloated you’ll get a replacement on warranty. I don’t know if the same goes for a broken USB port.
  • GPS is a bit of a weakness on my FP too, but the tips in the GPS guide can really speed up the connection.
  • I can’t help you with Google Maps as I don’t have Google on my FP.

Hope you can fix your problems and find love for your FP again.

PS: Next time don’t postpone posting your problems here. : )



have you tried to use LagFix to speed up your phone? Maybe your flash memory was used to much and needs a little reorganisation on Android versions < 4.4 this happens:



I do share your experience regarding the GPS (time to first fix), but not when it comes to your other issues. Of course that depends on how one interprets words like “terrible” (the built in camera is not exactly a Leica M8) or “modest” phone usage. For me, it’s enough to charge the battery once in 48 hours.
Most likely it’s the hardware that’s behind most of your problems. As for the battery, read @paulakreuzer’s reply. Low image quality might be caused by dirt/grime on the lens or lens cover.
I don’t think that you can blame FP for the difficulties finding functions in Google Maps, though. Surely this is caused by an updated app version? Personally I’ve decided to stick to GMaps version 6.14. I’m used to that interface and find everything when I need it.

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Thanks everybody for your constructive and thoughtfull comments. I will look into your advice and yeah sorry for sounding like a grumpy old derp. My frustration got the better of me.


Happens to me almost every day :smile: although I tend to blame my lords and masters rather than my phone.

Some issues you mention seem to be unrelated to the Fairphone at all (linke navigating Google Maps). But i understand your frustration. This is definitly not a normal behaviour of the Fairphone (it does have some issues, but none that bad!). May i ask you to contact support? It would seem you need to send you phone in to have it checked or something.

When the support checked or repaired your phone and you still are fed up with the Fairphone 1, consider offering it here in this forum to users looking for a second hand device. It would be fair to only to this after getting in touch and hearing from Fairphone support.

Again, let me assure you, this is not normal for a Fairphone. I would suggest you have it repaired (should be on guarantee still!) by the Fairphone support, give it a second chance and if you are still this fed up after a week or two, come back here. Because nobody is helped if you are that unhappy with your device! I hope you stay active here in the forums, look ant some FP2 reviews and maybe, Google Android and Fairphone is ready for you again with the FP3.

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yeah i’ve also had a nightmare with the phone and have to bite the bullet and move on… :frowning:

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