I ask for help to install Fairphone Open OS 16.10 (to install Sailfish)

I downloaded this file:

Fairphone Open OS 16.10 https://storage.googleapis.com/fairphone-updates/d7c72422-62fa-4a19-80af-a2fdd4bee25e/fp2-sibon-16.10.0-manual-userdebug.zip

From this page:


However, I can not successfully install Fairphone Open OS 16.10, I get a blue screen on the mobile. With FPOOS 17 I have no problem in the installation (when installing Sailfish with FPOOS 17 I see a blue screen and nothing works).

Can someone help me?

When was your FP2 produced? The new devices (with new display etc) won’t work with Android 5 based OSes (Don’t know exactly what is the minimum required version, but the information is somewhere here in the forum, and you’re just as good at searching as I am :slight_smile:)


This is perfectly true. I think the support for the new displays and camera modules was introduced around 09/2017, so I fear all no longer developed OS (like Ubuntu and Firefox OS are, I don’t know about Sailfish OS) will not work with the new hardware.



I bought the phone from someone else. The camera is 8 MP OmniVision OV8865.

I think it’s best to ask @explit for one of his Installation Images and whether you’ll really need to downgrade Open OS to use it.

The new screen modules (which cause problems with Android-5-based images) were introduced before the new camera modules, and have also been sent out as warranty replacements / spare parts.

Thanks, how can I know what screen my FP2 has?

Just for the record: Ubuntu Touch is now being developed by ubports and they use FP2 as one of their 3 6 reference phones (“core devices”). So I do assume that their builds work with FP2’s hardware.


The camera does not care (the phone works without it), but your display is obviously new (the bluescreen only appears with the new screen and an old OS). And the new displays were released before the new camera.

@Stefan: You are right! So it will work on Ubuntu Phone. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we ever found a clear answer to that question (though the screen staying blue on some TWRP versions is good indicator of it being a newer module). There are production dates and numbers on the module itself, but I’m not sure when the old ones stopped being produced and when the new ones started to be made (though it seems there is at least a gap between the two).

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