I am unable to download and update

Any others who having troubles with updating apps or downloading apps to fairphone 3 from googleplay store? It happens in same time i having troubles to buy ingame stuff and i used vpn app service PIA. Since i cant update apps :frowning: I already contacted Fairphone but i want hear if it is possible it happens with Fairphone and using VPN service app?


have you deleted or deactivated any Google services? Does this only happen when using the VPN connection or all the time?

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Google checks fairly regularly, somehow, if you’re using a VPN or not. I’ve turned the VPN off and watched Play Store download some “security” data.

So, to update, turn the VPN off and try and update again, sometimes it can take a minute to register. You can clear cache/data from the Play Store app and that often allows updates a little quicker.

It’s a pain and is entirely Google’s fault, not Fairphone’s.

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Generally one should think about whether it is a good idea to have a VPN on all the time. See for example

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I think it’s connected to how Google Playstore deals with VPN connections. I use a pretty reputable VPN that doesn’t get blocked very often. I’ve seen the same as @athair_birb happen. It’s not all of the time though, which makes me think Google Playstore works with some combination of VPN & combination of settings. Lately I’ve not noticed the problem as much, so Playstore might be tweaking the algorithm / their blacklists.

I have had this same issue for a while now. Back when it first popped up, there were two proposed solutions to try: disabling a VPN if used and clearing the storage for the Google Play app. (didn’t find that thread again)

My symptoms are updates always listed as “download pending”, even if the phone is charging. There was a point when the apps would auto-update but only when charging. Now I have to clear the storage, but then it will download them over the VPN.

Side note: I’m testing a bunch of open-source alternative apps to the standard Google ones. Is there any way to get F-droid to auto-update? I understand the principle in always asking the user in case an update has issues, but did I overlook a setting or does F-droid intentionally force people to look at every app update?

Thanks in advance for any advice!